They work with us.

He needs something to drink.

I don't want to have an operation.

Piercarlo's father was a very wise person.


Nobody can escape death.


My room is a mess.

I just said something very stupid.

The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.

His skill qualifies him for the job.

I photographed one.

The doctors revived Thomas with a defibrillator.

Could I please take a short break?

I just ate.

Do not misunderstand my words.


Is that all it says?


Did you give it to him?

Sit and have some tea!

Jeanne opened the medicine cabinet to see what was there.

He looked directly into her eyes.

I don't know anything about this.


I am extremely confused by this. If this is what we call 'the Way of Heaven', then is it right or is it wrong?

Learn humility.

Stanly didn't buy a ticket.

She has something of a magnetic force.

I haven't been shopping yet.


Is this the right train for Tokyo?

He had worked hard to keep Kansas peaceful.

Are you truly blind?

Is that as heavy as this?

Jayant grabbed his briefcase and headed for the door.

I've missed something.

Do you want to spoil the best moment in my life?

He's brave and honest.

My cousin is a journalist.

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Marie will show you how to catch a fish.


The kid did a job on my dictionary.

Andrew doesn't want his picture taken.

Are you sure you don't want to come in?

I think I asked for too much.

She's so impetuous; I wish she would consider things before acting.


I have enough!


Do you know the French equivalent of the word?

Frankly, I don't like it.

Just try to keep calm.


I think Shyam was drunk.

There was a snowstorm is North Dakota.

Ann's novel has been translated into French.

To my surprise, the film turned out to be a masterpiece.

This is the view from his room.

Something's out of whack here.

Sharan nodded back.

He is suffering from loss of memory.

Japan began to import rice from the United States.

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I'd rather tell them in person.

He goes there to meet people.

The pitfalls of easy generalization are to be avoided.

Why are we fighting?

She put new soil in the flower pot.

Small hills look flat from an airplane.

Please step aside.

We need to tell him about this.

He can't do without you.


He was always watching TV when he was a child.

Why did she go out in a hurry?

Please don't make me help them.

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Why don't you go find someone else who needs your help?

Takeuchi, I have missed you so much!

Alexander wants to ask what Raman has been doing, but he knows that he shouldn't.

I'll stay if you want.

We should've done that sooner.

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Darryl and Amanda decided to meet there again the following week.

Hitoshi is still not over his cold.

She's eating fruit and bread.


There were many snow storms last winter.


We've got to finish this before we can go home.


What's going on in there?


So why can't you take care of it?

Please put on your shoes.

It won't be long before we can travel to Mars.

Malaclypse danced drunk on a table.

The manager dismisses someone almost once a month now, and I don't know how we can flip burgers any faster or better or with more team spirit or whatever it is that he wants.


I got into that state of mind when a man listens and listens and begins to long for the sight of a policeman.

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The sun is about to sink in the west.

You can't trust a word Juliet says.

Who are you leaving in charge?


If a woman masturbates, she will secrete female hormones and become more feminine.

Doug says he can help me write the report.

He shall receive a talent as reward.

We apologize for the mistake and promise that it won't happen again.

Mathematics occupied her mind.

The teacher told Brooke his essay was well written.

It looks like we've gotten ourselves lost.


How long will you remain in New York?

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There were fewer people at the rally than organisers had hoped for.

I will do anything within reason.

The flag of the town of Vila Velha looks like an inverted Philippine flag.

He was kind enough to take me to the hospital.

What does Shadow need most?

I didn't know that you were a monster.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

That must be the Mackintosh boy.

Though he is rich, he is not happy.

I have neglected you so long that I feel a bit shy in visiting you.

She chose a light blue dress.

Is this really happening?

The last time you saw her, she was just a tiny baby.

I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.

Ric called for backup.


He has been ill for the past few days.

He left an hour ago.

He sought for his name.

Is she still mad?

An individual is the smallest unit of the society.


An uncle of mine gave me some useful advice.

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She's been shot!

There are so many anti-smoking campaigns these days; maybe smoking really is a threat to the public order.

Billie danced drunk on a table.

Something extraordinary happened.

Rolf always keeps some aspirin in his jacket pocket.

Stay with me till the dawn.

I'd rather not tell you.

You should take an umbrella with you this morning.

Hunter wore a pink blouse.

Johnathan seemed fairly happy.

We use dashed lines for the model, and continuous lines for the reality.

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Better to quarrel with your knee than to quarrel with others.


It is very important to obey the traffic rules.


You're not going to find Vivek.

The kettle is boiling.

I felt like seven suns have risen inside of me.


Friends, don't be constantly in fear of the unthinkingly critical, grimacing conventional world, but always act as your conscience and heart dictate.

You want to become a citizen, don't you?

And the view isn't too bad either.

I want to go to Australia.

He spoke too fast for the student.


I think I'm a pretty normal girl.

We're meeting to discuss strategy.

I'd love to see somebody do that.

I think Myrick didn't want Merton to go out with John.

Leaky faucets waste a lot of water.

Ian knows the kind of risks involved.

Jim studied music theory.

Eileen gave Seenu a hug.

Despite their own scandals, the police continue to make arrests as though nothing had happened at all.

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We all took it for granted that the professor could speak English.

Watch the road.

We're being paid by the hour.


Every day I work different hours.

There was not a weed left in the yard, nor a speck of dust on the floors, nor a single black grain or wild pea in the wheat.

It might not happen now.


We don't get as many customers as we used to.

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And a lot more.

The salts and minerals found in these mountains are quite diverse.

They need to get up early.

He sailed the Seven Seas.

Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much.

There must be something else to drink.

Angela is obedient.


I also like cake.

It was just two weeks ago that Ken came to see me.

What time is class for you?

I think it's getting warmer.

Which is the most densely populated country in the world?