He entered the business world instead of going on to college.

At that time in the courts of the feudal lords there were many scholars who engaged in discrimination, such as the followers of Xun Kuang, who wrote books that were disseminated throughout the whole world.

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She is no less charming than her sister.


This custom has been handed down from generation to generation.

Did you know that Everett has a son?

Such things are often a result of accident rather than malice.


As a boy he was tipped for greatness in adult life, now he is tipped for serving guests in a restaurant.

They never meet without quarreling.

How much longer will it take for the tub to fill?

Can we talk to them now?

He paid the money on the spot.

Self-help is the best help.

I love to collect stamps.

Firefighters always endanger their lives.

What kept you up last night?


Time must take its course.

Everything about this is wrong.

I'll have him fix the clock.

I am going to ascertain the truth of the matter.

Po had other things he needed to buy.


Plastic is a quiet guy.

It's the best thing Mott has ever done.

The door was difficult to open.

The workers complained when their working hours were extended.

How many minutes does it take to get to the JR station on foot?


Wilmer did not want to meet up with Brenda in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.

Give us a couple of hours.

I want to write a book about the spiders in my region.

I thought Chip was pretty good.

I'll go and see her.

He is a man of intellect.

I will bring back a lot of food.


Am I a liar?

I don't think I'll make it to school on time.

They stayed late.

Has anyone told Liber about what happened?

I own this man.

I couldn't find a taxi last night.

What time will he be here?

Brendan told Adlai he had a lot of money.

Who did Mwa come with?

I still haven't seen it.

Hsuan is the girl on the left.

Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages.

I'm resting my legs.

He came without notice.

I think Don should lose some weight.

He picked up the book.

Roland seemed really embarrassed.

I read it in a magazine.

It really meant something to me.


I don't need your help, but you need mine.


Kemal thought the watch Liz had given him was ugly.


I think we should get help.

Gabriel has a rich uncle.

His car has just been repaired.

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Son heard sounds in the house.

I thought we had commitments.

I'm not worried about her.

Unfortunately, you're right.

Rupert has no desire to go to Boston.


I want to talk about what needs to be done.

It's not really necessary to do that.

You said you had connections.

Fletcher has just walked in.

It does more harm than good.


He became wiser as he grew older.

I'm not going to give this to you.

You won't miss it.

The snow is melting away.

Trying's work is nowhere near complete.

Miltos started to say something, and then changed his mind.

Olson was secretly in love with Pria.

I still get paid, right?

Do you worry about us?


We've decided to move the meeting to next Sunday.

They will hold talks tomorrow.

Write Marc.

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It rained yesterday.

Maybe we could make a deal.

Clarence pounded his fists on the desk.

Let's buy this one.

The man looked at me.

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You don't want to go to Boston, do you?

Jessie is my most attractive friend.

There are whole cultures where understatement is bred in the bone. In New England one hears as satisfaction: "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."

When did Kate break out of prison?

I think we can handle it.

I'll swim with Shannon tomorrow.

She is having second thoughts about buying another car.

There were no laws saying what they could or could not do.

I don't want to wear this stupid dress!

You are the next in line for promotion.

Toby lives across the river.

He made nothing of her success.

This plane can fly at 800 miles an hour.

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I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.


I have to learn Japanese.

There was a mist upon the highway.

We marched under a hail of bullets.


You used to be able to see the church from here.

I never told them that.

Harv and I started at the same time.


Have you seen her recently?


It's windy out here.

Many scientists affirm that life on Earth didn't come up by chance.

The moon doesn't have an atmosphere.

Eggs are sold by the dozen.

Lyndon is in New York now.

We'll do the best we can.

I've been sued.

Has Kathryn confessed to anything yet?

You obviously want to buy that dress.

You could still hear the prompter in the tenth row.

It was pretty clear what was happening.

What are the rooms like?

Tell her that I am treating a patient.

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What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

Newton's First Law says: "Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it".

They lost their property.

Please listen carefully.

This is the palace the king and queen live in.


I hope you will come to my birthday party.


The bee alighted on the flower.

We bought bread and milk.

I'll go there at 10.

They look pretty close.

Ramadoss gestured Carolyn to go ahead.

45 times 2 is 90.

I wish I had never come here at all.


This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life.


She's a trainee.

Lorien often drinks alone.

Vilhelm rocked back and forth in his chair.

He put great emphasis on this point.

Is the GOP to blame for the current economic crisis?

This is my sister, Lenny.

He is a man of individual humor.

Patty has broad shoulders.

I bought a new hard drive.


All Christofer's friends warned her that Shai was only after her money.

I apologize for Thuan's behavior.

I can't get touch in with him.

We can't let Boyd die.

He believes in the existence of ghosts.

They were moved.

That's great.

Are you Chinese?

Have you ever heard someone speaking Esperanto?

Since children are more scared than amused by clowns, I wonder if some comedy trope of ours will become horror fodder in 100 years.

I was shocked by the dog that sprang out of the darkness.

That's to say, I have a better understanding of the Chinese nation.

The problem is not so much the cost as the time.


He is very busy writing to his friends.

He begged her not to say anything to his parents.

I wish you could've met them.

Why were you chasing me?

If you hurry, you can make the next bus.


When I was little, my grandmother would put out a small bowl of milk specifically for hedgehogs.

No thanks, I'm pregnant.

It takes two to tango.

He can't handle the truth.

When I first got to New York, I was in a daze.


I'm not scared of them.

I'm pretty sure Toby was being truthful.

Ronald thought that Wolf would like John.

I said I wouldn't see Marcos again.

Why do you want to hurt me?

That church on the hill is very old.

He gave it a new name.