We're going to have to turn back.

He will come in a moment.


Why are we listening to Pravin?

I can't believe you could say something like that.

Ronald showed no surprise.


We don't have enough money to go to Boston by airplane.


He believes himself to be courageous.


She didn't have much difficulty finding out the answer to the problem.

The crowd began to shout.

He traveled by boat.


It just felt terrific.

There's no milk left.

What has happened to Brendan?


Darrell killed Elliott for her money.

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We asked him what he was called.

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He got lost on his way here.

Novorolsky doesn't look at all convinced.

I always enjoy playing tennis with Mikey.


Your plan failed.

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Somebody's at the door.

Hey, give that back to me.

Never have I read so terrifying a novel as this.


You can't put off doing that any longer.

When I woke up I felt rested and refreshed.

We celebrated Mother's 45th birthday.

I took a step backwards.

My vacation went by quickly.


Dori is radical.


That's a good question.

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He is devoid of common sense.

I was watching them.

Do you eat rice in your country?


Lynnette is getting bored.

Try not to inhale the fumes.

When is peak sentences?

Millions of people were living in poverty after the earthquake.

Do you have rain gear with you?

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I don't feel like studying at all tonight.

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She can't love you.

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Don't tell me how to spend my money.

Helen's grandfather passed away last Monday.

It's been a good year.

Now that you are here, you can help do the cleaning.

I didn't care for the third act of the play.

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I'm ill, aren't I?


There's a serious problem.

Who are you guys?

Whoever reads this so-called newspaper every day will inevitably go daft.


They've recently patched WoW. Wanna farm the new dungeon? The party is waiting.

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Gill tried to kiss me.


We are driving the trucks into the garage.

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That doesn't mean that I will stop doing it.

I enjoy watching Barney dance.

You can buy it at any bookstore.


Rosa Parks was arrested.

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Humans have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Are you ready to begin?

He doesn't live far from here.


One day I was running with my brother.

Is Mr Jones in the office?

Let me have a try at it.

Could you keep this for me?

We've come for Sheila's things.

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On the whole, the pomato plants are growing well this year.

It is no use trying to deceive me.

Can we have a word with him?

Something terrible has happened to Jesper.

I heard what you said, but it didn't sink in at the time.

She is a strumpet.

Simon has three kids.

I wish I had more time.

It was such a lovely day that everybody was feeling happy and cheerful.


She wants to become thin very much.

You should read the newspaper to follow the events.

It sounds like a scam.

Rudolph was very friendly and helpful.

Ouch! I've pricked myself!


I love this weather.

The benefit of being a consulting detective is that I can pick and choose my clients.

This signal means "don't walk."


Don't ever leave me.


It'll probably snow tomorrow.

Miek is interested in computers.

Morris wasn't trying to be funny.

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The employees are all unionized.

When was the last time you withdrew money?

The phone call was a trick to get him out of the house.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I like freedom.

Go to work, Karl.

Bryce lives in a slum.

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Yvonne is taller than his father.

Dan didn't even have the decency to thank Linda.

Do you want to hear more?


He had a book in his hand.

Gary came out of nowhere.

Where have you been all morning?

Aimee was fired in October.

I'm rested.

My friend told me that he had bought a new watch.

This building is about to collapse.

He's a bad ass.

I did everything all by myself.

Naim wants to be your friend.

We can't go outside on a day like this without wearing coats.

Why didn't he buy a cup for himself?

That's why I care.

If it had not been for his advice, she would not have flown to London.

Gail was at Harvard the same time I was.

Glynn often goes out drinking with his friends.

I'll roast him some meat.

Everyone is eligible regardless of nationality.

You have your right sock on wrong side out.


There is a real fireplace in our living room.

Kemal ate a late breakfast.

Roy suffered severe head injuries in a fall from his bike.

I named my daughter Nairu wishing her long life.

The turnover on the Tokyo stock Exchange swelled to the year's record.


The company has cut a figure in the computer industry.

I thought we were supposed to be talking about what needs to be done.

Should I throw away all these books?

Blossoms develop from buds.

I liked Part's first book more than the second.


How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?


She hasn't talked to me since.


The delegation were escorted around the newly-built stadium.


Everybody wants to protect you.

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I'm pretty sure I'll be there by 2:30.


What makes you think I won't do that?

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I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbead, sold me this watch.


I'm thinking of matching you against Yoshida in the race.

They walked all the way to Boston.

Do you understand what I want to say?


The death penalty is final and irreversible.

He dived.

Ravindran couldn't make out their faces.

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I don't speak Mandarin very well.

All right, everyone, let's not stand on ceremony tonight. Cheers!

Will you leave the door open?


Kelly threw out the garbage.


Vinod is an engineer now.

Both Charlene and Julius are teachers.

My father stood guarantee for my debts.


England and Scotland are neighbours.

Martin said he enjoyed his time in Boston.

Jayant was forced to resign.


If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better.


I don't want to ever see Marsh again.