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  • 24/7 – 365 Outstanding Customer Service assistance
  • State of the art technology / Software
  • State of the art security features that will guarantee you and your players a safe environment
  • Call center equipped with over 150 customer care professionals standing by to help you with all your requests
  • Exclusive Multiple reporting systems
  • Sharpest Lines in the industry
  • Most complete wagering menu available / Live in game betting
  • Quality control monitoring on all call and online placed action
  • Technical troubleshooting available
  • Mobile capabilities for both agents and players

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  • What made me choose this place to take my business to was the fact that I didn’t have to split profits. I’m just paying for a service and that’s exactly what I’m getting. Byron H, VA
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  • My clients are happier than ever. They place bets online and with the toll free number whenever they want. I’m also much happier because I don’t have to deal with the day-to-day stuff anymore.” Ron A, FL