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buyers and trendsetters worldwide.

Emerging Designers

You will gain more recognition on an international scale with Englave.

Showcase your collection and allow the industry to quickly discover your brand. Seize the opportunity to build a strong fan base early and get feedback before your product hits the stores.

Fashion Buyers & Trendsetters

Englave will help you stand apart by bringing the freshest up and coming designers from all over the world right to your screen.

At your fingertip, you will be able to discover the latest trending products, request samples, and perform wholesale buying - anytime, anywhere!


Englave is the place for you to hunt the latest trends.

Your feedback will help speed up the placement of your favorite products at the stores, and you will be the first to know. You will always be at the forefront when it comes to styles and trends.

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Photography: Jun Ying
Makeup: (822) 673-6966
Model: Lauren Philpott