Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs on the leash?


Does your dog ignore your calls to come or to stay?


Does your dog jump up on every person who comes to visit?

With over 15 years of experience, Charlotte Dog Trainer, Mariah Hinds Dog Training can help you.

We have seen it all and we have helped families just like yours.



We come to you! On a schedule that works for you! We train your dog for you so your dog has great manners that you can use in your daily routine.



Whether your dog is lunging and growling or whether he just needs to learn good manners, we use the most effective training techniques for lifelong results.



We understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate your unique situation.



We have training programs that can fit any budget.

Any Breed. Any Size. Any Age.

We work with dogs of any breed, size or age – and we empower owners with lifelong skills for continued successes, no matter the problem behavior.

Leash & potty training
Staying & coming when called
Destructive chewing & digging
Stealing food, clothing, or other objects
Barking, howling & whining
Food guarding & begging
Mouthing, nipping & playing rough
Jumping up & hyperactivity
Aggression & anxiety

Before training with Mariah, Teddy would respond aggressively to everything. He had pulled me down repeatedly lunging at people, joggers, bicyclists, and other dogs. Mariah did a magnificent job helping me train Teddy. We’re now enjoying walks together – even in crowded areas with dogs, people and bicyclists. We go to the park and we go downtown and we go everywhere now. I’m so grateful that we could accomplish so much! Thanks, Mariah! — Melanie M.

After adopting a dog, Barney, from the shelter a few months ago, my dog was having a lot of little behavior issues that continued to build up, that were slowly driving me crazy. After becoming aggressive towards several of my friends, I was desperate to find someone to help Barney and I. Since Barney’s very first training session with Mariah, I have seen great changes in him. His confidence has increased, he is able to calm down easier, he is less anxious, and he is overall a happier and friendlier dog. Barney and I are so lucky to have had Mariah work with him! -Marissa Z.

I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Mariah uses training methods that really work! They aren’t temporary fixes, they’re solutions that improve the relationship between you and your pet! She’s absolutely incredible! -Jaclyn H.

Not only did my 7 year old dog learn new tricks but he can now tell me when he wants to go to the bathroom, stay in his basket when new friends come through the door and his over all anxiety is down. thank you so much for taking the time to train with me and mister harvey! we appreciate you and will recommend you to anyone who is having puppy problems! -Mary H.

By the time Dolly was 4 months old, she was jumping on us, biting us, leaping off of the back of the couch and harassing us during our dinners even though she had already had dinner. Mariah was great. In no time, she had Dolly greeting us politely, staying on a mat while we ate and no more biting or death leaps from the couch! — Bryann S.

Mariah is such a wonderful person and a gifted trainer. She has helped us so much in understanding and training our new puppy that we adopted a few months ago. Our puppy showed signs of not being very well socialized and leash-reactive. With Mariah’s help in just a short time we were able to help our puppy overcome this. Even after the training was done, she is always there to answer any questions we may have about any issues that may arise while we are still getting to know our new family member. Thank you so much, Mariah! -Alisha P.

Mariah helped us wrangle our Great Dane Rogue. His behavior is light years better than it was! Thank you Mariah! -Joseph S.

I started bringing my 8 month old bichon frise to puppy classes. We started with the fabulous focus class. Before we started classes, my dog was very distracted on walks. Now when we take walks, I can redirect him much easier with the tools and exercises I’ve learned. With practice, my dog is getting better and better each day! -Antoinette

Positive Training Methods that Really Work for You and Your Dog!



We support owners in the off-hours (when training is “not in session”).



We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.


Environment Specific

We train where the problems happen (i.e. park, home, in the car).


Empowering Owners

We empower owners to train so the dog knows to listen at all times.



We work with all members of the household.



We plan training around your schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.


Continued Training

Additional programs are offered after in-home training.


Lifetime Investment

We follow-up and are invested in you and your dog’s success long-term.


Satisfaction Ratings

Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.


Puppy Training

Our Puppy Training helps your puppy become the perfect family pet. We will work with you to socialize your puppy, teach manners and ensure that your puppy listens to you in every environment.


Obedience Training

Our Obedience Training helps your dog develop the desired manners to become a wonderful member of your family. We put an end to hyperactivity, barking and jumping up and teach your dog to listen to you. We can put an end to undesirable behaviors.

Anxiety/ Aggression Dog Training

Put an end to your dog’s aggression and anxiety. We teach your dog to make calm, appropriate choices. If your dog is exhibiting any behaviors that are threatening or concerning, we can help.


Therapy Dog Training

If your dog loves people and you love helping, you could be candidates for therapy dog work at nursing homes, school reading programs, and other settings. We can teach your dog the necessary skills for the rewarding work of bringing joy and comfort to other people.

Leash Reactivity Training

Lunging and barking on leash is embarrassing and it is scary! We can teach your dog to ignore other dogs on leash no matter how close the other dog is. Schedule your FREE Phone Consultation now!

Service Dog Training

If someone in your home has a disability, your family could benefit from the dog learning to help. Retrieving a medication bag, retrieving a beverage to take medication, and panic prevention skills in public are all skills that we can teach your dog to perform.

Wondering if we have dog obedience services near you?

We offer in home dog training for South Charlotte, Fort Mill, Rock Hill and surrounding areas.


South Charlotte








Indian Trail


Lake Wylie


Tega Cay


Indian Land


Fort Mill


Rock Hill




Steele Creek

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