Leora and Ray are very poor.

I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?

Don't worry about what others say.

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I may have been wrong.


Do you like living in Boston?

Did it ever occur to you that I might want to stay in Boston for a few more days?

Talking of soccer, Neymar is the player of the moment.

I've decided to stay for another night.

Is it true that Matthias won't come to our party?

It's a present for you.

His loneliness was as deep as the blue of the ocean around his dugout canoe.

Vaughn prayed for forgiveness.

I have been anxious about your health.


There is no returning to our younger days.

Come on, Hurf. Let's go.

In truth, a man who renders everyone their due because he fears the gallows, acts under the sway and compulsion of others, and cannot be called just. But a man who does the same from a knowledge of the true reason for laws and their necessity, acts from a firm purpose and of his own accord, and is therefore properly called just.


If you don't want it, don't eat it.

We plan to name our son Rebecca.

Hunger is one of the greatest social miseries.


This is a significant finding.

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Ranjit couldn't have done that without your help.

Morris likes learning French.

Urs had nothing to do, so he went home.

We have a lot to learn from each other.

Hopefully, everything will turn out all right.

These are for her.

Beauty without goodness is worth nothing.


Three suspects have been arrested.

If Persians seem extraordinarily polite, perhaps it is because politeness is built into their language.

I didn't want to hurt Roderick's feelings.


Everything's fine the way it is.


It seems obvious to me.


What are you calling me for? I'm just about to enter the match.

There is more in life than meets the eye.

It is absolutely impossible.

Some people are just weird.

Was that a yes?

The doctor prescribed some medicine for her cold.

My boss is very strict.

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At first sight, he seemed kind and gentle.

Major should've been warned.

He dedicated himself to painting, without thinking of fame or fortune.

I knew you would suspect us.

Now, where did you come from?

The office is flooded with fan letters for him.

I didn't even notice you were there.


I'm not going to talk to you anymore.

Ted is a model student.

I'm visiting her; however, she is not at her house.

I have no real intent.

Where have they been in the last three months?


I invited him to the party.

I got on the wrong bus.

I didn't know Leora was a doctor.

Do you really think that kind of thing can be done?

When we are no longer children we are already dead.

He liked the boy's frank way of speaking.

I'd like to cancel my reservation.

Shean blames himself for what happened to Jarvis.

I read the book in the light of criticism.

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I'm sorry I missed your birthday.

Joachim is already duly impressed.

You can ask the child who is playing over there.

I will not talk about the failure of my project.

He knows how to play trumpet.

I have been to Canada.

Cynthia might have visited Carsten in Boston last week. I'm not sure.

She's outraged.

Michel ruined the surprise by talking about the party.

He has big influence to fix the plan which the committee executes.

It isn't fair.

I can understand French to a certain extent.

Linley took another look at the picture.


On second thought, I think I will have a slice of that pie.


If someone says "Get lost!" to you, what will you do?

Always being honest is no easy thing.

Do you feel secure about the future?


There was no objection on his part.

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I'll be waiting right outside.

Mark spoke for two hours.

Please wait for me at the entrance of the building.


Edward unlocked the front gate.

You might not be so lucky next time.

Who are you and what do you want?

Suresh hasn't been fired.

No one can be that disgusting.

We've just got to keep working.

Mother tells me not to study so hard.

Master rang the bell.

She didn't think her dream would ever come true.


I don't think God wants me to go to work!

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Maybe he did it on purpose.

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An honourable death is better than a shameful life.


Nou told me that he won't come to school tomorrow.

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I almost didn't meet her.

I don't understand what's going on here.

I want to improve my penmanship.

Plastic is sad, isn't he?

The sun caressed his body.

I want to lose weight.

I didn't send them anywhere.

I have to clean the house.

His new underpants were sensational.

Bonnie isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Dan's vehicle apparently got stuck.

Cut the potatoes.

The Smiths are our neighbors.

Unfortunately this book is difficult to find.

Beer is the answer, but I don't remember what was the question!


I'm sure Valentin wouldn't mind helping you for a couple of hours.

Let's see what's happening outside.

I can't believe I'm sitting next to Roger.


If you walk your dog, scoop the poop.

He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.

Allah knows.

Actually, it's hard to explain.

He turned traitor.


We saw him.

I'm really proud of that.

I probably would've participated if I'd known about it in advance.

Give her some privacy.

Max exchanged the red shirt Irvin had given him for a blue one.

Sherri doesn't smoke or drink.

I will do whatever it takes to have my revenge.

What's the matter with me?

You can talk until you're blue in the face, but you'll never convince me.

That market has been rapidly expanding.

Don't stand up.

He's hungry and thirsty.

I was thinking of them.

Music is a language everyone can understand.

The child hid behind a big tree.

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I like white. I find it goes well with yellow, but only if you want it to. If you don't believe it does, then it doesn't.


America needs you.

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A surgeon lives with Death, his inseparable companion - I walk hand in hand with him.

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My wife is Scottish.

From you I didn't expect it!

The shadow falls upon the wall.

That would be very beneficial.

I'm not Darth Vader.

If you behave like a lackey, you'll be treated like a lackey.

By law, begging in the street is forbidden.

Vincenzo is nervous, too.

We shall do this free of charge.

How long have you had it?

Let's not discourage Stacy.

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O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, alone and palely loitering?

She said she was happy.

Stephen King writes about evil people.

This is the second time that I have met him.

Did your husband have many enemies?


You're too naive.


His wife leads him by the nose.


We're glad to have you both here.

You're a little overweight.

Do you have blankets?

Vincent corrected it.

I cannot say how much time passed.

That would've been the right thing to do.

Benson and Reid enjoy playing music together.


I said I'd wait for you.


I won't tell him if you won't.