I love watching basketball.

Woody has a moustache.

Tell Stanly that I'm busy.

The volcanic eruption threatened the village.

Sometimes I can't really grasp the meaning of a word.

We need to know.

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Little attention was paid to the comfort for the passengers.

His poems are hard to understand.

It's like selling shoes to a shoemaker.


Who's she?

You might be able to help Laurel.

He put down his racket.

I'll get to it in the morning.

It's not good to wake a sleeping snake.

She is a college graduate.

Dieter started to say something, but Connie interrupted him.

You're quiet.

We have to be better than that.


Jose might be interested.


I work parttime.

It was a suicide bombing.

All things on the Earth are made of atoms.


The police found Spudboy's footprint in Lori's room.

Tao arrived back home safely.

You were wrong about the price.

Where's the catch?

Isabelle seems to be enthusiastic.

We are well aware of the fact that he is a specialist in that language, nevertheless he is not allowed to adopt any sentence written in it, since that isn't his mother tongue.

It was an act of courage.


They sell candy.

He spoke for ten minutes without a pause.

Stop more often while reading in order to think over what you're reading about.

Miltos reached into the cardboard box and pulled out a photo album.

Are you racist?

Larry Ewing is a vandal.

Let's not do this.


I haven't had anything to eat all day.

It was not until yesterday that we noticed the animal missing.

A few people were looking.


Yesterday I heard you talking in your sleep.

When are you coming to Melbourne again?

I know what Jeannette is afraid of.


It's an omen.

The point at issue is not her ability but her character.

He has an unquenchable desire for justice.

It's going to be a problem.

The performance was received with applause.

Donnie told Sedat about his sexual history.

Shawn is very good at problem solving.

There is a bridge about one kilometer up this river.

This problem is a real challenge.

Janice handed Alvin a towel.

Huey is scheduled to be sentenced on October 20th.

George went to Boston by plane.

David quickly rose up the corporate ladder.


He is still sitting on the bench.

The better half of my life is gone.

No gain, no lose, we are fully equal.

I don't want to get my clothes dirty.

Why are you out at this hour?

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Ssi shared his food with Jarvis.

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He had no luck in finding work.

He writes correct English.

We had a lot of fun at the dance.

He had the role of narrating the television drama.

They clung together for warmth.

Vincent is productive, isn't he?

I do know this is my own fault.

She will give birth to a child next month.

Could you knock down the price if I buy two?


Jared and Siegurd got engaged.

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I can't give it to her.


Shyam is sure to know what we should do.


Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

What is that suitable for?

What happens if I press this button?


Rick was the only one not sitting.

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We can record the past and present.

He had the room to himself.

It's really hard to comprehend.

I really don't think that's a good idea.

Magnus doesn't have a pet now, but he used to have a dog.

Our university usually starts on April 1st.

I went there to see her.

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He's still here in the classroom studying.

I remember reading about a dog that had eaten its owner.

There's no point arguing about what's true and what's false.

Kazuhiro doesn't like gambling.

You got here too early.

Juliet seems to have caught a cold.

That's broken.

Just a moment. Let her finish.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.


This matter must be dealt with sooner or later.


Dylan held out his mug and Damone refilled it.


Somebody has been sleeping on this sofa.


I don't have a lot of time right now.

I almost fell for it.

How much interest does it pay?


It has it moments.

I don't think you have any other choice.

Why don't we rest here?

Don't put on weight.

There's too much sport on TV.

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Finally, I have my own car.

Why weren't you listening?

Jennie didn't hear Ji come in.

I still haven't found her.

What do you two do for fun?

I didn't mean to deceive you.

Could you turn it down?

What's the weather like?

May sometimes spends the time by herself.

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That didn't use to happen.

Your instincts were right about Olaf.

She died in a transit accident.

She poisoned her husband.

Page watched Nou.


I don't think you're trying very hard to find Bradford.

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I'm not drinking tonight.


Jitendra opens the gate every morning at 8:00.

Just get off the stage.

I made a deal with him.


She readily agreed to my proposal.

He was very fun.

He walked in the forest, with birds singing cheerfully above his head.

He's about to leave.

Blood is thicker than water.

My father is a bus driver.

Oh, come on. It won't be so bad. We'll have fun.

I want you to sleep on it.

Nothing is to be seen but water.

Would you like to go get something to eat?

Is this your copy of the dictionary?

It probably doesn't really matter.

Gregg has something for the entire family.


My house is far away.


I only have one condition.


Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

I'm not about to ask him.

Give me water.

He convinced his daughter not to marry Phillip.

It never occurred to me that he loved me.

I just saw her last week.

The strong winds were blowing.


His new book met with a favorable reception.

My apartment is messy and cluttered.

Where can I have the car fixed?

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You're not the only one who cares about Malus.

No matter how you say it, I'm not going to listen to you.

Suzan has been too busy to visit us very often.

Prices have already started going up.

I'm conservative.


You made me buy you that.

We were supposed to go together.

What do you do to stay in shape?

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This is apparently a good sentence.

Wade was born in the 1990s.

On a nice spring day, when Jan was digging in the sandbox in the backyard, he found a small box. In the box was a shining switchblade with a mysterious inscription.

You don't need to apologize to Lana.

One of Dick's complaints is the food.

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The minimum wage has hardly budged as of late.