Excuse me. Can you speak English?

You haven't met my family yet.

For the intelligent, a hint is sufficient.

She cocked an eye at him.

Cynthia looks conflicted.

Vladislav wanted to eat at the small restaurant behind the hotel.

Elisabeth was the one who referred Geoffrey to us.

You deserve this.


I think we should start making plans for the summer.

I've got a tap that leaks.

Edgar will have no choice.


Now you are an adult.

Only you can save me.

He asked for a pay raise.

Two sworn enemies had to unite against their common rival.

I owe her 100,000 yen.

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Shelters have been built in fear of war.

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Stop taking away my right to take away other people's right.

There are many products imported from Poland to Turkey.

Don't underestimate the incredible power of a simple smile and a kind word.

"I have many things for sale." "What kind of things?"

It was now a race against time.


An unknown number of victims may be trapped beneath the rubble.

Hiroyuki will be able to answer your question.

Leora was very decisive.


I hope they appreciate it.

I feel as if I could fly.

We should notify Lloyd of our plans.

No one went out on that balcony.

I used to pretend I was you.

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He has his own collection of phobias.

It was less stressful being around Carole after he did an anger management course.

Sunday comes after Saturday.

What you are saying is absolutely wrong.

Mysore never tells Matt anything.

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Why did you turn me in?

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I used to come here.


There are thirty names on the list.

Oliver looks older than he really is.

I live in this area.

For the first time, in 1969, man touched the lunar surface.

When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.

My dog Wolfgang always sleeps beside me on the bench while I'm working at the computer.

Everybody looked nervous.

America is often referred as a melting pot.

I don't like 70's music.

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They were very pretty.

When can I travel?

I think it just might work.

Our offer still stands if you're interested.

Guy gave Shai the money she needed to pay off her debts.

If he doesn't write, I will not write him anymore.

He gave up under the severe training he faced.

And finally, twelve points to Estonia!

Are you looking for him?


Milo approached the growling dog.


Casper said he thought I was dead.

Good boys are obedient.

How could Claudio not like me?

I study mathematics.

You're not allowed in this room.

Knit your eyebrows!

Are you sure it was me?


Because he was color-blind, Dalton's eye was not like that of most people.

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Give her a moment.

Mac doesn't look very happy.

I sincerely hope that occasional sleep deprivation doesn't cause permanent damage to my brain.

I need to ask you one more favor.

Joachim has been charged with kidnapping.

It is kind of you to lend me the money.

She has a small black dog.

The girl playing the piano is Akiko.

Just have Mikey call me, OK?

Money, not love, makes the world go round.

I promise I'll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

How much more money do we need?

Erick is too weak to look after himself.

Differential equations are equations involving derivatives.

Are you interrogating me?


I have always wanted to read War and Peace.

I was a second lieutenant in the special forces.

I will raise my children so that they will be protected from superstition.

There is a picture that he himself drew.

This sentence is not French.

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Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song Sarah sings.

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Olga has been playing the cello since she was 8 years old.

I was in London most of the summer.

Turn around.

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Alison thinks Mark is afraid of commitment.

I was trying to find them.

You are his brother, right?

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He's a jerk, but I love him anyway.

Where will Saumya be next summer?

I don't think that'll happen.

It will be difficult, but not impossible.

We have way too much work to do.


He was getting increasingly anxious.


Lukas thought Mikael was pretty.

The fact is that he didn't even take the exam.

Norm is lazy and spoiled.

I like hares.

I'll get it through in a couple of minutes.

That'll complicate matters more.

They were forced to leave the house against their will.

Work on the road was suspended because of the storm.

Would you like more wine?


You don't know him, do you?

Let's thank him.

Let's try to get along.

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It's recommended that you get a mammogram every year.


Please, let me speak!

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We can't get her on the phone.

In the south of China, the situation is different.

I don't want your charity.


I know absolutely nothing about that.

Shyam changed his email address.

I met them a few months ago.

You can't learn here! This is a school!

Now, why doesn't that surprise me?

She is not a poet but a novelist.

I'm much more relaxed driving during the off-peak hours, when the streets are empty.


There's something we haven't tried yet.

He's often mistaken for a student.

That it be with the off-the-radar Sue of all people!

He scaled a fish.

I'll pay by Visa.

A light raincoat is ideal for the trip.

I am glad to run into you here.

Myron is quite sarcastic.

That cloud is in the shape of a fish.

Moore was staring into space.

I'll get started on this.

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That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


I can't get a hold of him.

You have very sexy legs.

They came walking arm in arm.


Lynnette comes from a culture where women artificially color their lips and put holes in their earlobes.

He who does not love is unhappy, and unhappy is he who is in love.

You can go anyplace you like.


This is the finest view I have ever seen.

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He is spare in words.


You're quite a hero.


He comes to Tokyo once a year.


He will be back in an hour.

You can buy now and pay later with credit.

Somebody should do something.

Gabriel has gone to get a haircut, but he should be back soon.

You look like you've been doing something you shouldn't.


That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden.

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Among human beings, the subjection of women is much more complete at a certain level of civilisation than it is among savages. And the subjection is always reinforced by morality.

You must be careful from now on.

We have no options.

He hit him on the head.

There's no change.

Just tell us what to do.

How much did these glasses cost?

I think it's time for you to leave now.

I watched it on Dailymotion.

Juri was driven out of the temple.

I've dreamed of this day.

This place is really beautiful.

I was disguised in girl's clothes at the school festival.