Gate closes 20 minutes before departure.

It was Mr. Smith that taught me how to use that machine.


He will provide you with what you need.


His brother is a famous soccer player.


Do either of you know him?

King, stop calling me your boy. I'm thirty-two, for God's sake!

I have to work tonight.

I'm always in a fucking hurry.

Darin doesn't know who she should ask.


Eugenie was sublime, she was a woman.


If that woman will love me for who I am for a lifetime, I would marry her.


"I plan to help Darren steal some cars." "That would be unwise."


I don't even know who she is.

Would you mind turning off the radio?

I didn't forget it.

I can be here for a while longer if you need me.

After a storm comes a calm.

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Walking is a healthy form of exercise.

Mikey said you stole my money.

I wouldn't advise that.

Don't ignore your subordinates.

I just wanted to be with them.

Did you know Carlo was dealing drugs?

Everyone pointed at him.

We'll wait for you there.

The boy doesn't know how to behave.

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He won't talk to her and she won't talk to him.

May I suggest another option?

I feel compelled to lie.


That almost sounds like a threat.

The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

I've always wanted to live in a mansion.

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A cacophony is a mixture of grating noises.

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Do you live in Lebanon?


Emily wants to be an electrician.

I can't understand what he wants me to do.

I cannot conceive why she has done such a thing.

Are you going to go with me or not?

Scot won't return until evening.

The European Union was created as a result of a desire to rise above French-German enmity.

He was wearing a hat.


What an awful mother!

I didn't say I persuaded Bert.

He prides himself on having been accepted into our football team.

I'm not going to talk about that.

He succeeded in life fine.

Can you get the door to shut?

It was just a one-night stand.

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Tell us about your childhood.

I've deposited the money in the bank.

Subject closed.

I had to stay behind to help Roman.

I'm glad you brought that up.

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What did you think I told her?


Can you frame this picture?

If you don't want this, I'll give it to someone else.

I didn't tell Kitty what happened.

What can you do about it?

I don't think I'm uninteresting.


Pravin tortured and murdered several victims before he was killed by the police.


The policeman arrested the man on the spot.

Jurevis never seems to eat very much.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal, I'm one step closer to marrying myself.

Teriann planned to visit Isidore the first chance he got.

I'm proud of my daughter.

It is five years since they came to Japan.

On Friday I go to the market to get some potatoes and eggs.

I am interested in sports.

Count to thirty.

The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law.

Craps is a game of chance played with dice.

This dog is mine.

You should take this as well.

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This sweater irritates my neck.

This steak is as tough as shoe leather.

Look, it's hopeless.

Pandora took a sip of my drink.

It was a horrendous experience.

I think we're going on vacation in June.

I understand Italian better than I can speak it.


A president's work is very interesting.


I used to speak Latin, French and English, but now I've forgotten it all.


Frankly speaking, he was quite shy.

We aren't friends.

I'm not as conservative as I used to be.

Sofoklis stayed home from work because he was sick.

We'll have to take this one step at a time if you want your daughter back.

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He's biased against Christianity.


All right, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Damn, my wheat pillow is sprouting.

Molly got a little red.


Some people think Roxie was poisoned.


I thought you were going to keep Guido busy.


You look sad today.

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How did you learn to speak?


I'm looking for erotic science fiction novels.

She gave her father a tie.

The company suffered a loss of one billion yen last year.

Leigh told Spudboy that he didn't want to hear any more talk about aliens.

I ordered pizza on the internet.

The more I think about it, the less I like it.

What he says always corresponds with what he does.

Did Darryl tell you he was having money problems?

We must cut down our expenses.


The sight filled Vasilissa with horror and she stopped as still as a post buried in the ground.

They're all equal.

Monica should be home by now.


Keep on the watch for anything to come.


We did this under very advantageous conditions.

Though she was only twelve years old, Susan knew how to make a living.

His conscience pricked him.


Instead of studying Italian, I'm wasting time on a bunch of nonsense.


I told them not to come.


I can't seem to do anything right.

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Do you want to end up like them?


They do not teach them to speak English.


You're scaring me.


I told you this is where we'd find Rakhal.

Dr. Tanaka carried out tests for two years on three hundred rats.

If you should come this way again, please drop in.

That is exactly what I wanted to buy.

Is bungee jumping frightening or fun?


You will have to wait and see.


How long were you married?

I've been eating protein.

They burst the door open.


I felt like God.

I've got a bad heart: coronary artery disease.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Amy looked at me smiling.

It's a big deal to me.

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She put the key in her bag.

You'll probably see me again.

Lynnette doesn't eat as much as Paula.

We found what we were looking for.

I'm not done with her.


You don't need to answer right away.


How much did you pay for the dress?

Is this bag yours or his?

I'm from the city.

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Sickness and health start with the mind.

I tried to speak Chinese and Mr. Wang tried to speak French.

I don't know whether he'll come.

You guessed right.

I had a great vacation. How was yours?

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If you're tired, then go to bed!

There were some flowers there.

Rather - who the heck are you?! Iori enquired of the girl, ignoring my form rolling around on the floor.


Let's go grab a burger.

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Are you saying I have no sense of humor?