Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Should it rain tomorrow, the baseball game will be postponed.

I'll sit down at the table over there.

This poses an interesting problem for classical theories of physics.


Needless to say he is one of the best writers of the present generation.

Mustafa draws very nice pictures.

Much as Pria would like to visit Boston, he can't afford it.

The garden was full of beautiful flowers.

Let her take care of it.

You may go farther and fare worse.

The house was struck by lightning yesterday.

I went downstairs to get some milk and cookies.

Is French your native language?

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It can accommodate as many as ten people.

Are you gonna pay for it?

49 is the smallest natural number with the property that it and its two direct neighbours are not square-free.

Good afternoon everybody!

I can give you a lift if you like.

This is what you need to do first.

Don't be a baby!

Don't you have a snowmobile?

She's not faking it.

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The feeling's mutual.

My son could've died.

I'll be right in here.


I don't think Rogue is involved.

The young men play and the old men watch.

You know, maybe we should buy a computer instead.


Roxie broke off the conversation and turned to the door.


She is by far the best player in the club.

Can we sit at the table over there?

"Where should I sit?" "Anywhere is OK."

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Kay opened the door a crack to let in some fresh air.


Hope is not a strategy.

The children haven't studied division yet.

Donne looks dumbfounded.

I took Izchak to the hospital in the back of my pickup truck.

Take the jug to the cellar.

He did what he had been told.

We look forward to the challenge.

She's a remarkable young lady.

She misled me.

Lonhyn was sitting under a tree, reading a book.

You should really get one of these.


Formal declarations of war haven't been America's style since 1942.

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I had little choice.


There is a toilet on the fourth floor, too.

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I am ashamed of my poor English.


Elliott pulled out his sword and raised it.

I walked around town wherever my feet led me.

What? That's what she called me?


I knew what had happened.

Let's not get emotional.

Since we insulated the house we've saved a lot on heating oil.

It's been a long time since I've seen Pim.

What was the weather like yesterday?

We don't do that.

Try to reach your goals and don't give in to failures.


It's not an impossible request.

When you demonize the indigenous people of some land, people from other countries would not question the occupation of their land or even their extermination. Brand them as "savage" or "terrorists", and nobody would question the confiscation of their land.

He told me that Poe's novels were interesting.


Tell me more about what happened.

Rutherford Hayes was born in Ohio in 1822.

You should be careful with her.

Is it as bad as that?

I'm not particularly keen on this kind of music.


Men have a longer ring finger than index finger, while both fingers tend to be the same length for women.

I didn't write this sentence.

We are on good terms with them.

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We all have things we don't want to tell others about.

You're not anything like them.

I have been a teacher for 15 years.

In about ten days the first fermentation will definitely be finished.

Grant looks pretty drunk.


Dear friends, just say what you need!


Geoffrey was in the hospital for three months last year.

After nearly collapsing, the U.S. auto industry has added nearly 250,000 jobs - the fastest pace of job growth in more than a decade.

She signed up for a Spanish course.

He said to his wife "Are you coming with me"?

What does "resident alien" mean?

I'm here for a meeting.

We didn't intend to attack him.

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Where was Sidney tortured?

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In the first place, you all have to pay a debt first.

A bomb from the time of World War II has exploded at a building site in Germany, killing at least one person.

She lacks confidence.

The plan talks a lot about active citizenship. But it must be active and engaged citizenship.

Don't make little of me.

To my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

That looks suspicious to me.

Wolfgang can't wait to get married.

I could go to school today.


Have you ever taken anything out of the dirty clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing?

You can still do those things.

Many local dialects seem to be dying out.


They're about to leave.

This dog and that fish are mine, but that bird not.

You have more energy than I.

What makes you think Kyung was talking to you?

Why does he hate you so much?


Eve drinks only coffee.


I thought you were only angry with me and not with the rest of my family.

I haven't had enough sleep because I sat up all night.

Micheal was a smart woman, but proud of her nobility. That's why she always wore fine clothes and costly jewels, that would have suited even a queen.

India's Independence Day is celebrated on the fifteenth of August.

Sam and Kemal kept their marriage a secret.

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I think it is dangerous for you to drive a car.


I don't like the way Richard is always fishing for a compliment.

If you do not surrender, you will die!

I fixed the car yesterday.


Yes, she will.

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Maybe I can answer your question.

I'll be thinking of you every day while I'm away.

I seem to have a fever.


I got a flat tire.


May I hang up your coat?


If it is fine tomorrow, I will go sailing with my friends.

They recognized the new government.

In general, young people dislike formality.


You don't pull any punches.

Phiroze gave Roberta directions to go to the car pound.

I need your place for some quality time.

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It doesn't make sense to criticize someone for doing something that we would do if we were in their situation.

I waited for ten minutes, though they seemed like 10 hours to me.

We want to bring language tools to the next level. We want to see innovation in the language learning landscape. And this cannot happen without open language resources which cannot be built without a community which cannot contribute without efficient platforms.

I should try to help them.

Can I see, too?


Patrice may go anywhere he likes.


How much time do we have before the movie starts?

After work, I went to exercise.

I was born in the Soviet Union.

The best way to solve unemployment is to work.

Irwin didn't tell anyone else where he'd hid the money.

I'm here with Rajendra.

You didn't have to do this.

Lewis was still a bachelor at that time.

He stuck to his job.

You're right! I'd never thought of it.

It's so exciting.


She sued him for damages.

Juergen, can you show Scot how to use the scanner?

I have not finished lunch.

I wish I had wings to fly.

I regret eating those oysters.

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Why don't you just sit down here?

He said that he pulled the trigger to save Timothy's life.

They want our help.

I'll call you when I get there.

Jakob was addicted.

Have lunch.

You want to hear something funny?

All information is taken from public sources.

I hate waiting like this.


That sword is fit for a prince.

Bad news travels quickly.

I have exams from dawn till dusk.

Corruption is a problem in many countries around the world.

I have to do it today.

Will it rain this afternoon?

Judy was offered a leading role in a horror movie.