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Francein Hansen
(CEO and Founder of HYVE)

Say hello to a brand new way of working- without the fuss!

As a residential developer with a custom homebuilder for a partner, I have plenty of experience working closely with designers and builders to create high-end homes. However, I often found that there was no simple way of streamlining communication between team members, and organizing all the products and materials used in the project.

Anyone who works in this area will know what a struggle it can be to ensure that everyone is on the same page with a build. As a developer, I was used to carrying around a huge binder to jobsites, and using several different methods of communication- not an ideal way of doing things. Having to trawl through my emails to find a spec sheet, or searching my phone for a reference picture I’d saved weeks ago, was more hassle than it was worth.

To help, I started looking for a website or app that could help organize all the steps in the design-build process- a tool where I could not only communicate with my team, but also store ideas and images, track costs, and keep on top of deadlines for making purchases. To my surprise, no such tool existed. So I decided to make it myself- hence the birth of the HYVE app.

As I started writing down my needs and wants for this organizational tool, I quickly realized just how many people could make use of it- from homeowners and designers, to plumbers, electricians, builders, and other team members who wanted to stay organized and up to date on their projects. I knew I couldn’t keep something so useful just to myself, so I decided to take HYVE public, and allow everyone to make use of its great features.

With HYVE, you can organize your dream home or even remodel a room or two in your house. Designers can use this tool to stay connected to their in-house team. Builders can use this app to stay connected with the homeowner and easily send inventory lists to their subcontractors. Say goodbye to magazine tear sheets, loose receipts, forgotten deadlines, and complicated communication- and say hello to HYVE. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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