Maybe you just didn't care.

Companies welcome workers who take initiative.

We expect that he'll help us.

Is there an air pressure gauge here?

I'm opening the window so I can enjoy the fresh air.

I have to convince people to do that.

The pupils learned many poems by heart.

I'm in the car.

Do you love each other?

Why can't Go be popular in Turkey when it is so in Japan?

Can I touch it?

I don't know much more than that.

Keep track of everything that looks promising.

The world is a book of which a person that doesn't travel reads only one page.

Incidentally, this room doesn't have anything like an air conditioner. All it has is a hand-held paper fan.

Please let me talk to Joachim.

You guys are really clueless.

Now it happened that the prince of that country was hunting with his dogs in the forest.

He's a young, impressionable teenager.

Her viewpoint is limited.

Speaking about love is making love.

Amy, you should marry him!

Pip was seventeen and John was sixteen, but they were both still at school.

You have to go to the hospital.

You're very, very lucky.

I wish I'd bought this bag.

He did his best to help her.

Would you like to have dinner sometime?

I forgot my phone at the meeting room.

The suits in a standard deck of cards are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

Amanda abandoned the mission and quit his job.

It's going to be very hot tomorrow.

They are pumping freshwater from the river catchment.

They go to church on Sundays.

A woman can fail to notice a hundred things you did right, and point out only the one thing you haven't done right.


That's not quite what I was thinking.

He spends every weekend surfing the Net.

It is all delicious!


It was an era of lawlessness.

Temper your spirit, warm your heart.

The athletic meeting has been postponed until the first fine day.

Jeanette didn't like the way Kirsten ironed his clothes.

Just don't tell him.

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I wish I could do that as well as you do.

It is impossible for us to cross that river.

Say what you will, I think he is honest.

I think I'm expected.

You should be smiling, Ozan.


She picked up conjunctivitis at the swimming pool.

Keep mum about this plan.

You can't fire him.

Have you ever traveled by plane?

Cigarettes are soothers for adults.

He has a kid.

I woke up at ten.


What would German be without commas!


We're not lost. I know where we are.

English is not the language of the world. It's the language of the Anglosaxon Empire.

I refuse to write this sentence.

Many people also considered him a madman.

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for your health.

They lodged by twos and threes in the cottage.

I'm not upset about him.


You were advised.

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I hate everything about her.


I've never seen Betty act like that.

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Food processors tend to be shorter and wider than blenders.

Moran isn't accustomed to city life.

I'm a nurse.

All three of my brothers are now somewhere in Boston.

Yes, I'm coming!


I kissed him under the mistletoe.

Here is the demand forecast for 1998.

May I ask what you're working on?


We made much effort to build the boat.


What are we going to do with Jochen?

He was fired against his will.

He sent money to help care for her.

My car is a piece of junk.

I don't know how I did it. What's important is that I did it.

Everybody in the family wore glasses and Dan was no exception.

Shut the door.

Well, just do your best in your own time.

What did I do to deserve that?


I wonder how she's going to react.


I've made that quite clear.

Remind me to stop by the supermarket on the way home.

He was stunned and didn't know how to answer.

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The other day I met my former neighbour in the city.


I don't know who did that.

Who are you again?

Chances are Dorothy is in Boston by now.

Have you even talked to him?

He has a pension to live on.

I thought I heard you come in.

In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to pilot a spacecraft when he was launched aboard Vostok 1 by the Soviet Union.

He was honest, strong, and willing to make decisions.

Earle is waiting with Ozan.

Did you lose anything here?

She looked sad because I was angry.

We can't leave our tents on the beach where they are now. If we do, they'll be under water during high tide.

I think I'll take this one.

You should have consulted your lawyer.

She was the first woman I loved.


The soup's too hot, I can't eat it.


I'll tell you what you want to know.

Will you drink some tea?

Am I in trouble?


I must reject your request.

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Cole didn't tell me what the matter was.

To do him justice, he is not without some merits.

Herb refused to explain.


The police are treating his death as a case of murder.

It's there.

He was so kind as to help us.

I can't speak Tok Pisin well.

I was kind of shocked.

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The house was burned to ashes.

Can I continue?

We're helping Andy out.

Can I tell Jamie why?

This tea is very nice.


Didn't Brett say he had something to tell Marc?

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It happened over a year ago.

The crowd made for the nearest door.

Julia has trouble dealing with verbal abuse.

You and Izzy are made for each other.

She showed me her album.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our home is a condominium.

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I'm expected.

What do you think of the way Piotr has been behaving lately?

It sounds like he made quite an impression on you.

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The nursery toilet door was shut.


Jianyun built a shelter.

Shout it from the mountaintops.

Please say hello to your family.

Rick could hear his name being called.

He put away his cellphone when he was in town.

I didn't hear my alarm clock.

If people get scared enough, anything could happen.

The earth is not a perfect globe.

Lunch will be available.

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Elijah packed all of his things into his car and left for Boston.


The water of the lake is very hot.

Whoops, I shouldn't have said that; it simply slipped out.

Lynne appears to be a bit nervous.

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You know what it is.


It is about 1 mile from here to the station.

That won't make them happy.

Who are we talking about?

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and known for its distinctive mischievous grin.

Sanjib is aware of his own faults.


His explanation was not satisfactory.

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A lozenge is a square deformed indefinably, generally by heat.

The first one leaves at 17.30 and arrives at 20.25.

How are we meant to play badminton without a shuttlecock?

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If you wash the car, it will shine in the sun.

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Europe is not a country.


All but she answered the question.

London was bombed many times.

I'd like a hot tea with honey.