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Family Court GPS has one of the quicker divorce (dissolution) processes in the country.

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Your one stop Do It Yourself location for everything needed to deal with your family law case. We are also the ONLY form website in Arizona, where all the forms, and other information was created by an attorney who is a Certified Specialist in Family Law. We have everything from forms, to tutorial videos on how to conduct yourself during trial.


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Arizona has one of the quicker divorce (dissolution)...

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In a paternity action a party files to establish the biological father...

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Arizona Custody statutes changed in 2013, and the attorney...

Why trust other form websites, when you have no idea who created their forms? All of our forms were created by an attorney who is a Certified Specialist in Family Law in Arizona. These simple step by step forms allow you to utilize standard answers in creating your court documents while also allowing for flexibility. Video and written tutorials along the way answer all common questions that you may have. Don't let the Court process scare you away from doing it yourself. Our free information section also provides you with up to date changes in Arizona law related to divorce, custody and support issues.