No one was liked by everyone yet.

He's very knowledgeable about colichemarde swords.

We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

Spass began to panick.

I wish I could've stayed longer.

First things first.


Maybe Kim was mistaken.

I feel the same way about Son.

My older sister was grounded for coming home too late last night.

Ernst got the guards drunk and managed to escape from the castle.

You may as well give up.

It made me furious.

Rakhal is the cutest boy in the class.

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Duncan took Susan into his arms, and they kissed each other passionately.

I know how frustrating this must be.

I am doing my best.


Try thinking about something else.


Their boy was named Edward.

My things are all in a jumble.

They're talking with each other.


I haven't seen this in a while.

You need to get her a job.

We've tried every conceivable method, but absolutely nothing works.


Can I get you a diet soda?

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Do you need me to stick around?


Are all of them ready?

My name is very rare in my country.

I told you not to talk about Amedeo.

Can you come into my office, please?

I'm from Japan.

Can they see us?

Why are you sitting here in the dark?

We provided food and clothes for them.

It's my last offer.


He seems to be happy.

The thermometer stood at three degrees below zero this morning.

Industry as we know it today didn't exist in those days.

Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.

Neal doesn't want to go out.


Are you sure you are not lying now?

Every life is worth saving.

Maria batted the ball over the fence.

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I make it a rule not to sit up late.

She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.

What's your favorite kind of book to read?

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Knut's parents were greatly upset by his conversion to a different religious faith.

Jerrie wanted to help Sumitro do the right thing.

Happiness is sometimes identified with money.


I need you to believe in me.

The crowd yelled when he scored a goal.

My father is tall.

I don't think you mean that.

The countdown has started.

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I'm not the only one here who can speak French.


This is for you.


"Who died?" "His little dog."

I don't like to go outside when it's raining.

Why did you bring me here?

You shouldn't yell.

They sold out their whole stock of bicycles.


What's Judy's profession?

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You should have seen that movie.

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This cook cooks different meals every day.


I have some reading to do.


I don't think we should be doing this.


Shadow never did anything for anybody, except for himself.

My jeans ripped at the seams.

I'm a pretty busy guy.


They're fantastic, aren't they?


His stories entertained us for hours.

I've forgotten something.

The higher you climb, the lower the temperature gets.

Can you recommend a good hotel in Boston?

Nowadays, it seems that teenagers remain immature much longer, which is tragic.

Why wasn't anything about that in the report?

Are you old enough to drink?

Learning French is useful.

We'll take the stairs.

That must be fun.

The fireworks display heralds the end of the festival.

He has nothing to do with it.

Although she is gone, I still love her more than anything.

I'm sorry I told them anything at all.

Where is the next shop?

He gets along very well with his friends.

I was afraid that I might hurt his feelings.

Nobody can surpass him.

Could we meet privately?

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Ice salt is used to melt snow.

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When should we tell Laurent?

The fool runs after the pleasures of life and sees himself cheated; the sage avoids evils.

The department's rules are clear.

The novelist is pretty popular among teenagers.

It all happened very quickly.

Wayne is one of our research assistants.

That was pretty weird.

Germans are a frugal people.

I don't drink soft drinks too much, because I know they're not healthy.

If you die, everyone dies.

The building doesn't blend in with its surroundings.

You must be careful when crossing a busy street.

In China a lot of elderly people play tai chi in the morning.

The two countries have broken off diplomatic relations.

The donkey was browsing quietly.

I look forward to reading your report.

To tell the truth, I don't want to go with them.

He established the firm.

You've chosen a good time to visit Boston.

There were 30 witnesses.

Were you reading a book at that time?


There are lots of signs warning that they prosecute shoplifters.

She pretended to be my friend.

Stewart slept soundly.


Caroline filled the glass with water.

We had no school on account of the typhoon.

Perhaps we could talk later.

The question is whether she can be trusted.

Kevyn probably knows why the meeting was postponed.


He is as great a novelist as ever lived.

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We have supplied humanitarian aid to refugees.


Jock almost always falls asleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

Ira wasn't injured.

The mother put the children to bed.

I do not go to school.

Do you spend a lot of time with Darin?

Their fates were entwined.

Many countries depend on agriculture.

I drank a glass of milk.

Is she coming here to relax?

Yesterday, we had a blast!

When compared to Paris, London is large.

I'm still your prisoner, aren't I?

Is everything all right up there?


We lived close by the sea.

We're all unemployed.

I don't know how much this motorcycle is.

There's a small price to pay.

How old is this tree?

Takao stole his dad's credit card.

Please take this seat.

The cycle of blood is not regular.

I paid ten dollars for a cheeseburger that has no cheese.

It's not wise of you to turn down his offer.

The audience sobbed throughout the climax of the movie.

When upbeat music starts playing, I just start dancing.

He crossed the river.


Nobody cares who you are.

You must go now.

He has a split personality.

I don't have time to explain in detail.

Be nice to Jesus.


After the murder, they had an intimate conversation.

Devon arrived too late.

I'd advise you to let them go.


He won fame as a novelist.

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He worked hard.


I prefer coffee to milk.

We look out for each other.

Robbin seems to be more interested in making money than in helping others.


I don't like the way Takayuki looks at Jiri.

Elsa looked at the painting.

Even if she comes to see me, tell her I am not at home.