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Dorothy made too much noise.

That was a warning.

Calvin drinks way too much.

The station is near here. You'll be in time for the train.

I couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

My French is shitty.

I thought you might have decided to start without me.

Mott is egotistical.

My birthday's not for another month.

It's a matter of the utmost importance.

It was a complete surprise.


Her sister is not going to America.

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I'll call Horst for you.

His strange habit confounded them.

How many boys are there in this class?


Do what he tells you.


It's difficult to keep traditions in different contexts.

Did the surgery go well?

He is a numpty.

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Specialist workers are in demand.


When did you tell Stanley what happened?


Where did you learn French?

The major result from recent investigations of Emmet's theory has been that it can be applied to biochemistry as well.

Thousands of families were left homeless.

Mechael is looking a little agitated.

I didn't earn this.

You are the doctor.

The manager wants the report rewritten using the new format.

I don't think Jiri was so busy today.

Damone retired at the age of 65.

He held her tightly.

He could not control his anger.

I can't take it home.

It's pretty warm out for a jacket.

I'd like you to stay and help me clean up.

My job is safe.


My mother didn't see the boy on the street.

Lenny is telling his children a bedtime story.

Is there anything you can't fix?

How often do you see him?

The doctor demanded I stay in bed for a week.

I can barely bend my left arm.

How is the word pronounced?


He taught me how to swim.


I love Toki Pona.


The king imposed heavy taxes on the people.

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Love is the answer. But while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.

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I thought Tollefsen would ask Rahul a few questions.

"Would you get me a cup of coffee?" "With pleasure, my dear."

I'm perfectly satisfied with your answer.

I'm honest.

It is highly regrettable that your request was considered to be unacceptable.

Kevin looks terrific for her age.

Put it on the floor.

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Connie felt ignored by Wayne.

She translated the speech from Chinese into German.

Jaime was told to abstain from smoking and drinking.

What are your memories?

Justin can't play the piano as well as he used to.

Where do you suggest we go?

We're on the wrong train.

I'm cross-eyed.

The drains are blocked up.

There is already a subway in Rio.

He wears expensive clothes and owns a lot of jewelry.


The villagers regarded the stranger as their enemy.


I haven't been myself lately.


I asked Dori to go to the supermarket and buy some bread.

It will not be ready.

Clifford is in a stable condition.


"Probably just a stupid urban legend" "But they do say 'there's no smoke without fire', don't they?"

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She told me that I'll have to run from him.

I can't speak Uyghur.

Tollefsen likes not only Graham but Alice as well.


He turned pale the instant he saw her.

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Why are you speaking loudly?

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Do you sell advance tickets here?


Alexander isn't very hungry.

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Yes, gladly.

At one time I lived alone in the mountains.

I wonder what caused that.


I'm afraid I have a crack in my right arm.

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You're like him.


The moment he saw me he ran away.

The robber was nabbed this morning.

Hitoshi wanted me to tell you something.

I can't believe I'm here.

What is significant in this argument is that his theory can identify those phenomena.

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I tried to take our dog out of our house.

One could feel that Mr. List Jackson was aggressively anti-American.

Your flight leaves at 2:30.

Fuck neutrality!

I'm no longer afraid.

Saqib had a lot to do with that.

He got a nice job recently.

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The double-decker bus arrived on the bus stop.

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She was surrendering to despair slowly.

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I've seen these pictures.

Thousands of Americans have a hard time keeping the wolf from the door.

Monica can swim faster than anyone else I know.


I agreed to buy it.


I'm sure Jef wouldn't approve.


It'll cost around thirty dollars.


Michael never told me how successful you were.

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The radio is too loud. Please turn the volume down.

Do not use this apparatus near water.

Lucius has lots of new ideas.

The cat is hidden under the table.

She is far from a fool.

They were terribly upset.

Did Sri eat?


Asahara thinks himself a savior.

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I found a bunch of viruses on my aunt's computer.

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Yet, with all this strange appearance of humility, and this contempt for human reason, he ventures into the boldest presumptions.

How does it feel being married to such a beautiful woman?

I just bought these shoes.

Raphael died giving birth to her second son.

She didn't give me what I asked of her.

Mr. Smith had three sons who became engineers.

I stared into his eyes.

I didn't know that there was this sort of place just on the route to the high school.

Raghu had to sell his car to help pay his debts.

Sal wants you all to himself.

She is easygoing.

Should you be here?

Ten years ago, around forty thousand girls used to go to school in Kunarr, but now this number has reached to seventy-two thousand.

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I hate people who say that.


When bad boys become good and kind, they have the power of making their homes gay and new with happiness.

That's fortunate.

Your bag looks heavy.


He had such a bad headache that he had to cancel the meeting.


You don't have to thank me.

I don't think the roses will bloom so soon.

Look at these prices.

She must care for the old man.

Claude doesn't let Thuan go shopping by herself.


That was a terrible joke.

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Spyros burst into laughter.

I don't feel good.

He seems to think so.

Donn seems to know the truth.

Where did you eat last night?


They wanted protection.

You must realize that I can't help you.

Don't make me wait long.

I almost touched your hand this time.

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

We're here for the day.

She puts the boys to sleep.

He's doing his German homework.

Gary Ewing was sentenced to life under the three strikes law for stealing three golf clubs.

You need to shut your pie hole.

He won the first prize at the chess tournament.