Don't lose focus.

I did that already.

Does he know how she feels about him?

Jay didn't know who I was.


He'll have no rest from his guilty conscience until he confesses what he's done.

Try to remain calm.

Does an electric wheelchair require a driver's license?


Don't let my son see this!

Miki was not at all ashamed of his extra-marital affair.

The former director is in a doghouse.

Beth was not jealous.

His death brought the expedition to an end.

I don't think it was Horst and Hon.

Don't spit on the walls.


We'll decide by voting.

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I talked to Izchak just the other day.


Roses smell nice.

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The possibilities are exciting.

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The boy could not so much as write his own name.

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Let's give them a minute.

I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy.

Shag rugs were popular in the 1960s.

I'll have a talk with Knudsen.

It's possible Karl didn't know about the meeting.

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The teacher tried to interest the students in current events.

I'm pretty sure Patty's a teacher.

Trying loves money.

You had better have studied harder.

He is really a nitpicker.


He came along with his dog following him.

That game is boring.

Would you like to hang out with us?

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I'm sure there's no need to be afraid.

What else do you think they're planning to do?

I don't want him to see that.

I've got real feelings for you.

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.


The opposition is rubbing their hands together in malice.


I had the documents sent to Farouk.

Naren should've never let Travis go.

She reads a newspaper every morning.


Prices are double what they were two years ago.

Let her help you.

I ate until I was satisfied.

Love your parents as dearly as your parents love you.

I'd love to hear you sing sometime.

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Children don't always listen to their parents.

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You should talk this over before it gets to be too big a problem.

We're back together.

That remark is no less damning than what you said in the first place.

I never really thought about it like that.

I told Amir how much I valued Louie's opinion.


Some dog owners wonder if they are feeding their dogs enough.


This is a great theory.

Celeste smiled apologetically and left the room.

I thus require an apology from the judge and I claim my insanity declared null and void.

Can you show me this skirt please?

I'm sorry. I overestimated my abilities.


Sunil is angry and embarrassed.

Can I just ask you one more thing?

There's nothing down here.

Dana didn't need to be here.

When I was at school, we were caned regularly. Nowadays, it's illegal in many schools for a teacher to hit a student.

I don't really want to talk to you at the moment.

Charley needs all the help he can get.


You should put an ice pack on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

The training of lions is very dangerous.

What did they replace?

Would you mind helping us?

This chair is ugly.

We should hold old people in reverence.

Robert was arrested Monday afternoon.

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I am under the blanket.


Radek is going to be with you today.


The answer was staring me in the face.

It doesn't matter what I believe.

Geoffrey can't eat this.

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We have to submit an essay by Wednesday.

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I hate to interrupt, but I need to say something.

The government and industry are cooperating to fight pollution.

What's it going to be?


Health is an important condition of success.


She ran for dear life.

She beat off a big snake with a plastic toy bat.

I like shopping in used-book stores and in used-clothing shops.


I was hoping I'd see Panos again.

This song was written by Foster.

I do remember.

Teri isn't used to walking barefooted.

The clock strikes 4

We are all happy.

It's all Greek to me.

Chivalry isn't dead.

How can I explain this?

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I want to know what you're going to do about it.

Olaf and Linley are both determined to make the best of this situation.

They sent their son to Europe to acquire culture.

It is too dark to read a book there.

The injured were carried to the hospital, and the dead to the church.

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I want to be certain you are who you say you are.


I thought he wouldn't recognize her.


Of course, I didn't tell her.


Why the fuck live like this, guys?


We'll notify them.

The truth of the holocaust is doubtless.

After death there is nothing.

I got a D on my science test.

She's quite wealthy.

He was as great a poet as ever lived.

Harmon is so old that even the oldest in the village first knew him as an old man.

Eat your soup before it gets cold.

We both pretended nothing had happened.

Marek outsmarted me.

I hurt my foot.

Why didn't anyone say anything?

You can't eat here.

This morning, I heard the great news of the new arrival in your family.

Susan shined your father's shoes.

Where are the other prisoners?

Don't you have something to do?

Yoga can help lower stress.

Will you buy something?

Do you need a doctor's certificate?

Let us play this game again.

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There are few mistakes, if any.

I'm a complete idiot.

I can't be manipulated.


Pravin doesn't have a ticket yet.


I know him by sight.

He's very jealous of his wife.

Would you mind babysitting my kids?

We can't outrun them.

I don't dispute the facts you've presented but only the conclusion you draw from them.

I don't think Kenneth told Felix anything.

The English love the unicorn as much as they love the lion.


Let me try it again.

Lanny and Jill dated for 3 years.

Mahesh collapsed because of the heat.

Sal bent over to pick something up.

I'm crazy to postpone.

Lester didn't say who he was planning to go with.

That's trash.

The dog is mine.

She has beautiful rosy cheeks.


Shakil is a hula dancer.

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It was similar in some ways to soccer which is played today.


Bertrand was overqualified.

I know you hate weddings.

There is a parking lot behind the theater.

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She is not what she used to be ten years ago.


He is hurt badly and is unconscious; that is, he can't think, speak, or hear.

She has been to Paris.

Glen isn't willing to ask Allan for help.

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Vladimir looks depressed and frustrated.

He is a sly old dog.

The soldier became a teacher.