The newspaper began to lose readers when it dispensed with one of its most popular writers.

Pilot won't have that problem.


He's the most valuable player on our team.

What're you going to tell Nou?

I think I'll look around a little more.

The skin is rough.

Isn't that terrific?

I wanted to let you know you weren't alone.

I don't care who they are.

I'm all yours.

He can nourish his elephant, but cannot nourish his child.

You should be there.

I looked all around, but I could see nobody there.

Most funny stories are based on comic situations.

That's not a secret.


Come sing with me.

Laughing and talking, the children climbed the hill.

He loves going to the theater.


That sounds awful.


It is important that you learn a foreign language.

I think someone, and I know very well who, took my money.

Languages that would have never found themselves together in a traditional system, can be connected in Tatoeba.

That is very expensive.

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

I'd better go with him.

One person's virtue is another person's vice.


Be sure to come to me by five o'clock.

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What I need is a little more time.


The door bell has rung.


Who runs the fastest of the three?

John has a child, that is, a daughter.

Zebras and giraffes are found at a zoo.

This instant soup comes in individual packets.

I'm good at playing the piano.

It's a damn fine day today.

My sister will prepare breakfast.

Delbert has visited Australia three times.

Markku never saw his parents again, or spoke of them.

I can't do that now.

I'm a retired flight attendant.

"What should I do next?" she said to herself.

Does Polly have a dictionary?


Not everyone could hear what Torsten said.


He died some years since.

That is the thing that concerns you.

Heaven and Earth are like the wheel of a cart: ending then beginning anew, reaching their extremes they turn back again, - nothing is ever out of place.

He's considering visiting his uncle.

She lays the table for breakfast.

I only want to help Elaine.

Stanley wants a bath.


He would make everyone happy.


Are you sure you don't want me to help you out?

Can I offer a suggestion?

I need to rent a room.


I live at 337 August Road.


Jennifer is on the admissions committee.

She was fond of talking about herself.

You and I love games.

Did you help Rusty?

How did you solve the problem?

Rank has its privileges.

Pretty clothes!

We have a problem, Craig.

Sometimes history repeats itself.


This is the first time I've gone to the beach.

Hanako impressed the guests no less by her exotic beauty and elegance than by her erudition and refined conversation.

I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning.

Where are you from and how did you get here?

I don't trust this data.

I went to see her.

She was idly looking out of the window.

He stayed in London for a time.

The amount of independent entrepreneurs without employees greatly increased in the past years.

Lyndon can't afford the kind of rent they're asking for.

This is free.

We shouldn't tell him anything.

You should ask them.


Could you please turn the radio on?


Thanks for letting me sleep here last night.


Eileen always wanted to become a pilot. When she was a child, her parents often took her to the airport to see the planes.

Ben told Martha not to eat too much.

Don't blame it on him.

He caught her by the arm.

Ping got into a fight with Hughes's brother and got his nose broken.

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Jose wants to have a tea party in her room.

Over the last decade, Estonia has reported that heroin has largely been replaced by fentanyl on the illicit market.

I'm afraid that place is a little too expensive.

Would you join me to the concert next week?

Why don't you let me go?


It wasn't as easy as that.

That's why I like her.

It looks a little heavy.

Amarth didn't leave a message.

The government and industry are cooperating to fight pollution.

According to the radio, it will snow tomorrow.

Without Dustin's help, Duke would have failed.


Wade is young, but full of talent.


This is a business paper.


We all stand by you to the last.


Dan is Linda's childhood love.

He works in the lab.

This is so pretty.


You've got to get them talking.

He was eventually sentenced to five years in prison for that violent crime.

It's a pity that he should be ill in bed.


Most people don't think so.

I knew what I was doing was right.

They will come.


I may have to help Sandra.

We must stick together.

These are all basic skills.

Pam doesn't use the word "drive", however.

There is a storm.


Never lose sight of the importance of a beautiful sunrise, or watching your kids sleep, or the smell of rain. It's often the small things that really matter in life.

Two months have passed since he left for France.

There was a handwritten note on the door.

Only she can use this computer.

Did Manuel tell you about his past?

Pierette admires Loyd for her honesty.

Urs is never wrong.


Toby tried to steady himself by grabbing the railing.

This is not a hospital.

He is enjoying his school life.

Stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.

She's a precocious one eh?

Are you stuck?

The girl looked ill.

Wendy never minded me wearing his clothes.

Now that he's retired, Yves can look forward to a contented and placid life.

I want to see exactly what's happening.

He fancies himself somebody.

I don't think they heard us.

I need the exact address so that I may go there.

Fifth Harmony is an amazing girl group.

We did warn her.


I hope everything's OK.

Will you go with them?

He put down the pencil on the desk.


She gives a lot to you.

I'm going to have to pass on that.

Thank you for telling me what you hate. Now it has become easier to fight you.


Did you read it all?

Who cares what I think?

Kristin doesn't want to disappoint his parents.


If the sun were to stop shining, all living things would die.

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I have five hens and get about three eggs a day from them.

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I've got to go to the bathroom.


He came loaded with flowers and presents.

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No one will believe you.

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You're right about that.


TATOEBA could be an acronym in various languages: The All-inclusive Treasury Of Examples Beautifully Arranged.


I could really use a hug.

I'm not a teacher and don't want to become one.

Wolf thought you were busy.

He gave a rap on the door.

My name is Raja, what's yours?

I'll make you a deal.

I'd like to go, only I've got a cold.

Who can tell what will happen to her?

You must look over the contract before you sign it.