I am not going to take this lying down.

Is that really true?

Lindsey reached out his hand.

The U.S. Government made an attempt to open Japan's doors.

I didn't know if you were mad or not.

Police shouldn't take bribes.

What I want is a divorce.

I don't drink wine.

I appreciate your telling me.

He had to work even on Sunday.

It's very confusing.

I've finally got my divorce.

Though he is clever, he isn't wise.

I have no choice but to eat what they serve me.

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This is a big concern.

Dori doesn't know precisely where he was born.

His car remained locked.

Cardboard is well suited for making model houses.

I have bad news for you.

Sergiu is in the garden, pulling weeds.

NASA's first spacewalks took place during the Gemini program.

Lucy looked after my dog.

I'm embarrassed.

Mariou will follow Rathnakumar.

I'm poor, and I can't buy it.

He entreated his wife not to leave him.

I needed a break.

King wanted to know where we were going.

A telephone call from him is probable tonight.

Do you speak Bulgarian?

He annoys me with questions.


He knows the area like the back of his hand.


Roxana probably forgot it's here.


The room was bare of furniture.


The Japan Meteorological Agency has revised the magnitude of the eastern Japan quake from 8.8 to 9.0, the largest recorded in world history.

I said some things I wish I didn't.

I'm in the bath.

I've got one for you.

Tricia told me he was going to ask you to be his best man.


I'll warn him.

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Today I'm so happy, I could go nuts. I wish I could hug the whole world!


It wasn't good.

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The eagle is the queen of the winds.


Andrew didn't have to tell me anything, but he told me everything.


Was Midori skiing in Hokkaido at that time?


We shall solve the problem without any difficulties.


For the love of Heaven, don't get angry.


Go directly to the airport. Otherwise, you'll be late.


We've been fine, by and large.


You walk quickly!

He is a good fellow.

You or I will be chosen.


Kotlin Island, an island 32 kilometres west from Saint Petersburg, was taken from Sweden in 1703 by Peter the Great, who then founded Kronstadt and left Pushkin's great-grandfather, Abram Gannibal (The main character in Pushkin's unfinished book, Peter the Great's Negro), to oversee the construction. Kronstadt was also the birth place of Pyotr Kapitsa, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1978.

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He studies contemporary literature.

We soon sold all merchandise.

Is this a stallion or a mare?

He doesn't know who he should ask.

I asked him several times, but he simply didn't reply.

Smith struck Jones out.

They have no reason not to let you stay.


I'm getting more and more gray hair.

I don't think Raghu knows where I live.

Vern wants you to help him.

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Graham Greene is my favourite writer.


Do you know which one of those boys is Hotta?

I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Sergei hired Think to be his secretary.

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I have confidence in them.

I'm afraid there is very little I can do to help.

I already feel like things are getting better.

People on lower incomes spend a disproportionate amount of their income on rent.

Trent doesn't have enough courage to confront Diana directly.

Boston is a good city. I would like to come visit again.

A rhetorical question does not require an answer.


Could I go over to Doug's house to play?

Do you come from Berlin?

Does my card work here?


Australia is a beautiful country.


The men were all arrested.

Tell her I'm ready.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it as fact.

Do you want to share it?

Stop lying to me.

Ahmed is a close friend of mine.

Koko continued to learn fast.

Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

Kyu was faced with a difficult choice.

These implements are in common use.

He is called Jeff by everyone.

I'm okay.

Nothing can go wrong now.

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The matter made his name known.

How much is it per box?

The glacier moves slowly.

My sister got knocked up by a married man who's not going to leave his wife for her.

We've all been wrong.


I love being in empty rooms.

I live on the bottom floor.

Aimee and Eric just sat there staring at each other.

I've always respected Ernie.

What should we do now?

Hsuan is a wreck.

Brandi always looked happy.


Our true hope is that there exists life in other worlds.

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Amarth seems different today.

Tal is going to love it here.

"I am happy," she said to herself.


They're in a singing group.

I cannot assemble this engine. I have no experience.

Romain is allergic to bees.

She shouted for help, but no one came.

Jacob never goes to Boston.

Would you please pay attention?

Earn with both hands, spend with one.


Moncalvo is the smallest Italian city.

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I assure you we'll be able to pay the rent on time.


I have a funny feeling about this.

Ten million yen will be enough for the project.

The fighting there lasted several days.

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His hotel chamber at the palatial space hotel had the grandiose view of Jupiter's rainbow face through the big window.

I bet you could drink a lot of beer.

Do you want me to help her?


Kent says that he wasn't the one who broke the window.

Did you know they were coming here today?

Ilya was a really good kid.

I apologize in advance.

I can't complete with you.

I can go anywhere.

Did you ask Stewart to come over and help?

How long is Rio Grande ?

"What's today?" cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him. "Eh?" returned the boy, with all his might of wonder. "What's today, my fine fellow?" said Scrooge. "Today!" replied the boy. "Why, Christmas Day."


Put that box down.

I'm not sure what you're asking me.

Micah opened the door to see what the weather was like.

I want to speak to my lawyer now.

How about changing the baby's nappy?

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I have had quite enough of his jokes.

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Did you try restarting the computer?

Cold waves have become less frequent and intense across the Nation.

That's not true.

We can't deny the fact that he's honest.

I'm going to exhibit my roses at the flower show.

They fished the stream for trout.

Urgent business kept him from coming.

Wes was our friend, too.

I'd like some popcorn, please.


The news traveled all around Europe.

He kisses his child a hundred times a day.

I'm sorry, sir. There must have been some mistake.


I have to brush my hat.

You will feel better after a night's sleep.

Let's meet up somewhere.


Doyle threw the photos in the fire.

Lost in thought, I missed my stop.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat green vegetables every day.

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Krzysztof agreed to meet Ernest in front of the laundromat.

Please accept this as a keep-sake of my husband.

If I had known it, I would have told you.