Don't make so much noise in the room.

It's disgraceful.

Let's rejoice.

That's a very intriguing idea.

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This cherry is dark red.

You frightened Radek.

Just go back to where you came from.

This cloth is made of cotton.

I think if I talked more often with a native speaker, my English skills would improve quickly.

You should tell Jenine you're not feeling well.

He doesn't live far from here.

This car belongs to them.

Joyce stayed in bed for three months.


Mr Hashimoto started the engine.

I can barely move.

Joseph opens the gate every morning at 8:00.

He is of royal blood.

He's a ghostwriter.

I'm looking forward to next summer.

Herb wasn't right about that.

The bank loaned him 500 dollars.

I'm not going there to socialize.

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Should I make my bed every day?

Let's go by taxi.

Be careful not to say anything that will upset Bernie.

After opening, please eat as soon as possible.

You're shallow.

The teacher wore a harsh expression on his face.

Lack of sleep can have an enormous negative impact on a student's grades.

You will eat.

Can you give that to him?

I was about to be loved.

Two ice creams, please.

Marcel and Leo quietly slipped out of the room.

Why not just stay?

We should've realized that Swamy needed our help.

Kathryn seldom laughed at Maurice's jokes.

Alchemists tried to turn base metals such as lead into gold.

This is a lesson for me.


I heard him gasp.


The boy seems to be coming in this direction.

He is in great trouble.

This holiday isn't much fun - we should go home.

I want you to give up this stupid plan.

I have a brother in Boston.

He felt himself lifted up.

He has good reason to get very angry.


His new theory is beyond my apprehension.

This is her weak point.

He had dark brown hair.

I told you not to sing.

I'm not ready to do that yet.

I'm not too certain of that.

Circadian cycles can be easily appreciated in plants.

A convict has escaped from prison.

I'm not in the mood for company.


Jeffery is not a communist.

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What an idiot I was to lend him money.


I have other plans.


They think the owner of the house is studying abroad.

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We climbed high enough to see the whole city.

Robert sat by the pool in swimming trunks, surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis.

I've only just started studying French.

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Kari hit the nail on the head when he said our team lacks enthusiasm and motivation.

It was on the list.

My older brother built his own house last month.

Carsten didn't want to go by himself.

Argon is a noble gas.


He is better able to teach than I am.

Are you going to kiss me or not?

Many people agreed with Mason.

I might have Nathaniel's address.

That was no ordinary storm.


I was just trying to stop the fight.

I fell asleep while watching TV.

Something's wrong with that.

This new medicine may aid your recovery.

The rain came down in earnest.

Sigurd is unfit for that job.

They'll ask him.

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.

Politicians are called whores because they listen to people who don't agree with us.


Have you finished knitting that sweater?

Why can't you explain what you're doing?

Geoff's dog can swim well.


The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.

Were you in love with me?

Darci didn't try to argue.


On the right, the Iller, Lech, Isar and Inn rivers draw towards the Danube.


Herb waited for someone to come.

I think I need some fresh air.

Rod earns three hundred dollars an hour.


I told Dalton I'd help him reinstall Windows.

She has never been in love.

How many temples are there on this island?

The sign says, "Closed on Mondays".

It is important to drive carefully.

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I wish I had thought of that.

Do you really want me to tell him?

He commanded us to work hard.

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We have known each other for years.

He was accused falsely.

She acted in the play.

Don't judge a man by the clothes he wears.

He looks very vigorous, considering his age.

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I was aggressive.

Let me think about it a little longer.

I can go.

Am I responsible for this?

Milner says he witnessed the whole thing.

I share his political perspective.

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.


The lost child was found after two days.

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If you want to be happy, be it.


How did the secret get out?

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Her calm judgement ensured us from accidents.

I've never been anything but honest with you.

Come here, give me a hug.

The poet died young, but his works survived for centuries.

I want my parents not to worry.

The girl who I thought was a singer proved to be a different person.

I hate you very much.

I enjoy spending time with you.

I'll be grateful to you if you can do that for me.

Spacewalks usually last between five and eight hours, depending on the job.

How long do you think the concert will last?

It's not over yet.

This water is sterilized.


I am very hungry.

There aren't any.

All of us except for Subra thought Tiefenthal was guilty.

This is remarkable.

Moore hasn't changed his mind yet and isn't very likely to ever change it.

I don't have an air conditioner in my house.

Through whom am I to make my complaint, then?

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They're interrogating her.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.

He is certain to come.

Sanity borrowed three books from Nikolai.

He has really soft facial features.

You need to go back and apologize to Ramiro.

It seems obvious that he is sick.

Do you know how to use this kind of chain saw?

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.


Are you willing to help them?

You milked the cow.

Where can we find Ragnar?

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His skin smelled like cotton candy.

I haven't traveled much in these parts for a long time.

You have to write that phrase again.


It is a Chinese tradition to welcome spring with flowers.

Does that seem right to you?

Surya certainly doesn't need Tal's help.

He can explain the situation.

Amos is only pretending he's asleep.


Do you think this looks like Christopher's handwriting?

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Why do you want to know that?

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I waited a while.

We want complete sentences.

It could be fun.


I ate a gulab jamun.

Earnie wrote a lot of letters to Hamilton.

I have four computers, but two of them are so old I don't use them anymore.


Isn't this what you want?