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I like to use frameworks when I program because they save me time on repetitive tasks.

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Jill says that he wants to be buried here.

They can never achieve that any other way than by force.

Don is a medical student.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.

Girls can be astronauts, too.


I'm not going to press charges.

Do you think Miles will get the job?

My family isn't rich.

The sun went below the horizon.

It's the height of luxury.


I'm not mad at Omar.

No matter who comes, don't open the door.

We always take a bus.

She has husband and two daughters.

Darren is going to be sorry.

The Emperor ordered one of his servants to kill himself.

This time, I'm scared, too.


A girl drowned in the pond yesterday.

Thanks for the lift.

The battery of my MP3-player was empty.


You cannot defend yourself against stupidity.

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Earth is like a big magnet.

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She will go abroad in six months.

I wouldn't advise that.

Just talk to her.


My mother tongue is Spanish.


Devon needed money.

Before Anatole became famous, he was a junior high school art teacher.

He was caught cheating in the exam.

I forgot my shopping list at home.

That's kind of cool.


Get her some water.

One is new, the other is old.

She read the letter, and so she came to learn that he was dead.

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The fun thing about this job is that the technology is continually advancing so it continues to be stimulating.


Randall took over the family business.


She is not beautiful.

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I hope you're right.

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I am glad to hear that you have got well.

Recently, the increasing diversity of computer use has extended far beyond the realms of the office.

They talked about various subjects.

All participants will receive a T-shirt.

Breakfast and lunch are included.

A lot of people think that bats are birds.

I have absolutely no clue what happened after I got drunk. Why is there some old dude sleeping in my room?

Jerome has been sick for a long time.

Who kissed you?


Avalanches are a danger for climbers.


My bag was here five minutes ago, but it is gone now.

I don't have time to explain everything.

Harmon doesn't like being the first one to show up at any party.

Would you prefer milk or coffee?

They no longer felt a need to protest.

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Jennifer continued yelling.

Rodger is scratching Neville.

Could you give me your name and phone number?


That matter was decided by the Supreme Court.

Muriel is making a poor living from her part-time job.

Julia was valedictorian and Ethan was the salutatorian.

I made the first move.

I just got back from my morning swim.


Dear brothers and sisters!

It's probably just a myth that Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity when an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under a tree.

He's rich, but obnoxious.

Johnny has children.

I would eat coconut cake every day if I could.


Marshall is really weak now.

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Night, accomplice of diseases and nightmares.


I'll bet anybody on that.

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How is your progress?

The icy road sparkled in the sunlight.

You can't reason with Isidore.


You better start packing your bags before I pack them for you.

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It looks like Rayan decided to stay.


Kyoto was the former capital of Japan.

Major won't be able to tell you anything.

Beautiful flowers don't always produce good fruits.

He wanted to do it, whatever the consequences.

She cried all night.

Bob ate the snail, then vomited.

Don't spend so much time watching television.

It's almost time for me to go.

Rusty is crazy about me.

I prefer your brandy to your conversation.

Thank you for informing me.


His composition has not a few mistakes.


There's a police officer.


Their death is an obligation for us.


This bottle holds one liter.

Nobody can live to be two hundred years old.

He said he would pay for the dinner.

I don't want to know anything about that.

I'll go see it.

Who called you?

The boy entered by the back door.

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Jagath doesn't know the reason why Justin went to Boston.

Haven't you thought of consulting a psychologist?

You didn't know Val was going to Boston, did you?


I love comedies.

The judge called for a recess of two hours.

Did you practise the harp this morning?

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I am fascinated by Spinoza's pantheism, but I admire even more his contribution to modern thought because he is the first philosopher to deal with the soul and body as one, and not two separate things.

I'm delighted to meet you again.

Even as we take new steps to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, we must also prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that are already being felt across the country.


Never again would she want to live there.

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I'm not a man!

I want to ask you about them.

What're the odds?


He got his dander up.


I can't make that kind of promise.

The children watched TV as Pilot was cooking dinner.

I'll never forget what you did.

This sweater is all stretched out of shape.

He disappeared into the crowd.

I'm thinking about changing jobs.

Hey, Ken'ichi, come along that drain pipe. I'll pull you up.


I'd like to see you at 2:30.

Mother is busy cooking the dinner.

Claudia fooled us.

He is too sensitive.

The grease caught fire.

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I just wanted to play poker.


I asked him to call you.


Pat forgot to salute.

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I think that's ridiculous.

This flower has a scent all its own.

Your ideas are hardly practical.

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The field measures more than 300 acres.

Flowers and trees need clean air and water.

Kevan is well aware of the problem.

It's time to rest.

Hazel took off after Saiid.


I'll sleep in my room.


Matsushita commands respect from its competitors.


How soon can I meet you?

Ned has gone to the swimming pool.

I would sometimes travel abroad alone.

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I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.

If you believe that by insulting you would solve the problem of fishermen, well, let me say, you deceive yourself.

I think we're ready to do that.

Brandi got mad at Harv.

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Charlie and I used to live in Boston.


I discovered the truth.


I don't know what to buy him for his birthday.

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He who remains silent is understood to consent.