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Why don't you go help them?

I didn't really want to see Takeuchi today.

I think life is what you make it.

Grab a seat.

What a pretty lady!

She gave him an expensive watch.

She committed her child to her aunt's care.


She put on her sweater.

You must help her, and soon!

To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it.


I love chocolates, especially those with nuts.

This was built since long ago.

I'd like a kilogram of sugar, too.

May I invite you to a chat?

Hui asked his girlfriend's father for permission to marry his daughter.

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?

Jeanne was starting to lose hope.

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I know him better than anyone.

You're a swell guy, Claudio.

I just do not like any kind of sports.

I'm not sure what's wrong with her.

You'll need one.

I'm dying to go to Boston.

Where are my clocks?


This new bus service will meet the residents' needs.

I'm sure that I can handle it.

I have nothing in particular to do tomorrow.


Jane isn't afraid.

I only speak a little Vietnamese.

Would you mind helping me for a minute?

How many cookies did you make?

At home I have a Espresso maker.


It's raining.


I haven't seen Eliot in over a week.

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His car is small and takes up little room.

Helen's very unpredictable when he's been drinking.

This is just something I have to do.


Ramon snickered.

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He left the company on account of personal reasons.

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Christophe thought that the amulet would protect him from witches.

Put your glasses on.

The grew up speaking both English and French.

The evening meal is served between 9 and 12.

We're sophisticated.

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Summer is coming soon!

Margie didn't know what Blair wanted him to do.

You're overreacting.


I prayed that my father would forgive me.

My whole body is sore.

That door's the only way out.

He told me not to wait for him.

The wheels turned around.

I debated whether to ask her about it or not.

You can't even help yourself.

She is interested in jazz.

You are in very serious trouble.

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This is the most important matter of all.

She gave a look as much as to say, "Get out".

The gravitational pull of a black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape from it.

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Seems like the cat had gotten wind of a rat.

Leigh denied having beaten his wife.

Now I'm a real old man.

I never learned how to write.

Please don't ask me about them.

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Please include lots of small change.

My heart is painful.

I'd like to add some information to my report.

There used to be a statue of a lion at the gate.

This is really shocking.

My mother planted daffodils in the garden.

I was waiting for you to get back.

Indra is beautiful.

How well does Victoria play basketball?

We took the shortest way to the station.

Cathryn walked Kikki to the gate.

Maurice has a really nice place.

She is a poor correspondent.

Happy people are those who remember only the good things from the past, while unhappy people are those who remember only the opposite.

I had nothing to do with what happened.

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Just tell Trey not to worry.

Do you know Jeanette's plans?

You never told me you were a doctor.


I know Serdar will change.


It was his best time.

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What! You've eaten my chocolate bear?

I paid in coin.

Sergio and Swamy got divorced.

I bought the novel on which the film is based.

"Did you know the dead man?" I asked him on the way.


Who are you avoiding?

He often asks silly questions.

She misses her family very much.

Tony has lived in Kumamoto since last year.

Jack tried to evade paying his taxes.

I'm in Hong Kong right now.

She saw a young man at the entrance.


The gardener didn't let us walk on the grass.

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Takayuki gave Carole a mean look.

I'm just trying to survive.

A poor singer, he doesn't like to sing in public.


The date on the coin is 1921.

That's not so.

Sheila is just trying to scare you.


Please pick your character.


The claim is to be reported to justice within twenty days.

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We got lucky.

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I know how to samba!

There will be a change for the better in the weather.

The porridge was burnt.

Liber looks just like John.

You are curious, aren't you?

We're all convinced that he's innocent.

I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

Mark seems to like the same kind of music as Tad.

I took a risk when I made the investment.

I was disqualified.

Margaret got away with it.

Nora is willing to negotiate.

We gave up the bad habits.

Check that there is no dust or lint on the power plug before inserting into an electrical outlet.

Thank you God that I'm not a Moskal.


OK. I'll send it out as soon as a machine is available.

I was very upset by the disruption in my normal morning routine.

Do you see me?

I don't think you're fat.

Can you help me with my school project?

You will find that book in the historical section of the library.

Not a few students came to the concert last Saturday.


I just took it for granted that you would always be there for me no matter what.

It's our job to help you.

Moe is more intelligent than me.

A wink was his only answer.

Elias might know how to do this.

Call me if there's any trouble.

Show me how it's done.

I can recommend it to anyone.

This world is difficult.


He went out in the rain.

Some talked of shooting him if he did not leave.

No, I don't like lobster.

We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

I think I caught a bug over the weekend.

My foot hurts.

I couldn't help laughing when I saw him lying face down covered with mud.


It's better if you wash your hands before you eat.

Goodbye for ever!

It is our obligation to help.

Don't forget to clock out before you leave work.

This is unbelievable!

She looked after the patient.

She is extremely vulgar in her speech.

Does spending money make you happy?

I forgot it was Marlena who taught you how to play the guitar.

Please don't call the cops.

I'd really love to meet her.

She baked a cake for her friend.

Milner decided to start a business.

Sanity has just installed an alarm system in his house.

The radio had warned us that there was a risk of flooding.


She has always done her best to make their life easier.


I got one.

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Be careful not to step in the mud puddle.

I tried writing a novel.

Little did I dream that we would expand our business to the U.S.