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This is where Clayton said he used to live.

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I would often go skating on the lake.

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This bridge will eliminate an hour delay for thousands of commuters.

Pay off your credit cards every month.

You work too much.


The detective took six months to get at the truth of that affair.

People in this country make it a habit to bow when they meet.

I don't think we'll meet again.

He repeated the price to him.

The house is burning.


Are you doing all right?

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Non-members pay an additional 50 dollars.

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He was in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast every morning.

Was that all you wanted to say to me?

She cannot distinguish right from wrong.


I can hear the wind in the trees.


You'll suffer because of that.

They followed their leader blindly.

Last Saturday I bought a laptop.


Where is the exit?


I think this is very dangerous, and in general, a bad idea.


He left home very young.

The more I sleep, the less I feel like working.

Vicki is ambitious and optimistic.

That action convinced the prison warden that Pratt was a threat to the rest of the prisoners.

There was something odd about the way Skip looked at me yesterday.


They could face a ten-year prison term.

Make sure you don't forget to fill up the tank.

Hiroyuki can't cross the border.


These batteries are dead.

I was wary of showing my intention.

The influence of this crime on society was great.

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The paper discusses the problem in terms of ethics.

The sun is beating down and there's no shade in sight.

While this group has a great deal of spending power, it is not working, and therefore, not producing anything.

Dinner will be ready soon.

Can you take a look in your bag? I put my mobile phone in it.


I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.


The grammar of Esperanto is very easy.

Rafik was waiting for Maureen then.

We've got a very busy day ahead of us.

Some people believe in ghosts.

It was dark under the bridge.


Many foreign people come to Japan to work.

Roxie is away from home.

Pigeons stay with the same partner for life.

What other forms do I need to fill out?

Pria forgot to set his alarm clock.


You're not going to cry, are you?

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Who wrote to Stuart?

Thad is working on his car.

What was so funny?

Has anybody heard from her?

Grant has grown.

They used local wood to build the ships.

You do understand the danger, don't you?

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Her anxiety almost drove her wild.

Soohong clocked out at 2:30.

He is diabetic and suffers from blindness.


Beth is committed to Chris and eagerly accepted.

Smoking in the office is against our rules.

I knew it would never work between you and Rathnakumar.

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Cuba is not a cube.

Alister killed Barbara.

It's cold there even in the summer.

No one forgot their assignment, did they?

Do you think Owen is coming to the party?

Tell Ning what really happened.

The Crostolo torrent is full of nutrias.

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I've missed Guillermo.

Pedro snuggled up to Josh and put her arms around his neck.

You can get there in less than thirty minutes.


Do you offer any half-day tours?

I don't feel like studying at all tonight.

The United States and the Soviet Union have put space stations into orbit around the Earth.

Michel is pretty upset.

She gained 500 dollars in the deal.

I prefer mutton to beef.

I knew I would win.

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Your office called and left a message.


The shareholder's meeting was held.

The tree grew very tall.

My heart is bleeding.


Everyone laughed except them.


It is certain that he didn't go out that day.

Glands secrete chemical substances into the body.

Who gave you this document?

Stretch the dough with your hands.

Mason is a creature of habit.


My zipper got stuck.


What's so important?

He was also kind to animals.

I don't go downtown.


I waited all afternoon in vain.

Aren't you a banker?

She wore her hair in plaits.

I'm not really sure why.

Things aren't as bad as they seem.


Nils heard this from Pierre.

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Can I go with you?


I like to sail.

We need to learn all we can about what happened.

"Superman" will come out this month in movie theaters.

Martina fears emotional closeness.

There are few of us but admire his courage.

A cat has seven lives.

You cannot democratize a starving people.


The gate is locked.


You just saw them, didn't you?

He looks young, but in reality he is past thirty.

That's what makes you so special.


Nobody says you can't go fishing.


I realize that you guys wouldn't be here if you didn't have to be.

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Let's do it right now.

Could you get me a cold drink, please?

I'll never let you down.

We need evidence.

It was necessary to find a guide for the trip.


What should we do now?

Mahmoud often helps Clifford do her homework.

Barton told me why I should study French.

All the criminal charges were trumped-up and the three Taliban detainees had to be released.

Are you sure it's here?


I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.


Why does Jakob have such a negative attitude?

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I think you look fine.


No, I think he just does those things because he wants to please his wife.

It's too bad that you couldn't come.

I didn't kill anybody!

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The famous Gordian Knot was cut with a sword.


William the Conqueror defeated king Harold in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

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I've been really busy with my graduation dissertation recently.

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Don't go too near the dog for fear it should bite you.


I don't take it personally.

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Tell me a phrase with that word.

She is ill-natured.

Don't wake the sleeping cat up.


On mature reflection I've decided to accept their offer.

I'm not up for it.

They do not speak English.

These jewels are expensive.

Cancer is not one but more than hundred distinct diseases.

Sorry, it's not your decision.

Lars may not be the only one who doesn't know Pilar.

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You did ask me to help you, didn't you?


That's a risk you have to take.