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Forgive the intrusion.

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French doesn't belong to France. It belongs to all those who improve it.

That is a matter of degrees.

Varda wanted to test Michiel.

Angela saw how exhausted Clifford was and told her to go right to bed.

I think we should hire Lenora instead of Damon.

Carsten doesn't seem to understand what he's supposed to do.

Go wake Jerome up.

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I read only the first translation.


I had no idea it'd be this beautiful.

No one deserves my vote.

Kelvin brought me a glass of water.


Christopher Columbus started wearing his famous hat back when he was still a schoolboy, and was often punished by his teachers for refusing to take it off in class.

Where was Leonard yesterday?

I'll make a little money and Mr. White probably won't notice.


They say the landlord used to be well off.

I thought Per might be with you.

That's quite new.


Look into the future!

I loved Boston.

I suggest that he come to Poland a bit earlier.

I was walking around the school.

He will have to undergo an operation next week.


I'm going to change clothes. Please look the other way for a minute.


I'm really glad you're here.

Knock it off.

The forest burned for days.

I paid thirty dollars for these shoes.

Miriam tried to hide his nervousness.

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Americans need a visa to travel to China.

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My mother often gives pies to passers-by.

I can't keep up with the recent British music scene.

Brodie is doing it the wrong way.

My address is Puistokatu.

The plan was doomed to failure from the start.

You're a bad boy, aren't you?

Nobody got shot.


What is a chord progression?

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Please let us know your conditions for making the concession.


Victoria and Kory became best friends.

I hear that he sold his house.

I can't believe you're really here.

Could you change it for a different one?

I hardly ever throw food away.


The lawyer will try to show that her client is innocent.

I can't break free.

You seem a little nervous.

I didn't sleep at all that night.

I'm not quitting.

I had a crush on him at the time.

I have just been to Ueno station to meet Kenji.


You'll understand later.

Do you have the vaccine?

Kee cut down the tree with his chainsaw.

The thieves tied him up and escaped through the window.

He gave them the benefit of her insight.

The snow stopped me going out.

A Canadian comedian claims that the famous rings of Saturn are made up entirely of lost aeroplane luggage.

I imagine that's true.

What hotel will you be staying at?


He wanted a back massage.

Her mother, Mrs Brown, increased the amount of vegetables in her diet.

The safest thing to do is just wait.

Imagine an entire world consisting only of metaphor. It wouldn't make sense.

I'm still not really happy.

He wasn't the same as I thought he'd be.

Is anything up?


Orville is heading home.

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With that performance, you have surpassed yourself. Congratulations!


Herb is really smart, isn't he?

Are you still alive?

This is the deepest lake in Japan.

I wish I'd written that.

Thousands have been left homeless.

If Johnny hasn't told you yet, he probably never will.

The weather will soon begin to calm down.

That Minister of Parliament was accused of buying his wife's dresses with public funds.

You have a lot to learn about business.

I just spoke to Matt's doctors.

Will you run down to the corner and buy me a paper?


Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.

There were a lot of people on both sides of the street.

It is unexpected what breaks out.


Cyrus is the one who wants to wait.


Was your father right?

I apologize again.

We were waiting on him for ten minutes.

Norm ate half the cake by himself.

Petr is sitting on a chair.

It was a positive experience.

You have to stop worrying.


Are we talking about the same Soohong?

Somebody took a shot at him.

You promised not to do anything.

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How do you cook this fish in France?

He arrived to the accident scene nine hours after the crash.

Do you need help?

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You're a good driver.

Dan admitted the affair.

Last time he told me he'd lend me that book the next day

That's what I was wondering, too.

I paid him five dollars.


It's expensive.

The spaceship is out of orbit around the moon.

The king invited everyone to a party.


Why does this stuff keep happening to us?

I want Bea killed.

This is the first time I've ever lent money to Tuna.


Jin is a joy to teach.

Do you know how to pick locks?

Why don't you just tell Johan the truth?

Suzan started mumbling.

He is no better than a fool.

I am ashamed of your despicable deed.

I want Tandy to prove me wrong.

I would like to know them too.

I caught a glimpse of him in the crowd.

You still haven't answered me.

We found a poor little cat in the yard.

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Do you care what other people think about us?

You shouldn't have!

When you come across unknown words, you have to look them up in the dictionary.

Fritz thinks Tony would be perfect for the job.

Don't be shy in the company of others.

I don't want to kill you, Harold.

Ariel has a bank account in the Cayman Islands.

You are old enough to take care of yourself.

Eh? Hundreds of thousands of Yen plus betrothal gifts?


He estimates that the new house will cost roughly thirty million yen.

Isabelle may have gotten away.

The area around here was bombed.


Thomas asked Krzysztof to take a look at it.

Your opinion is similar to mine.

I'm going to need your help doing this.

It looks like I'm going to have to varnish my bookshelves again.

You couldn't act your way out of a paper bag.

Huey should have told Justin the truth.

Ahmed is a father.

He disliked school.

I only speak French with them.

Wade was fast asleep when the telephone rang.

What did you get from him?

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Refer to the dictionary as often as possible.

I want to move out of this cramped room as soon as I can.

They don't have enough income to lay aside for the future.

Meet my new friends, Dan, Linda, Matt, and Rita.

I'm seeing them again on Monday.

I know you well enough to know that you didn't really want to go out with Srikanth.

Thank you for not blaming me for the accident.

The engineer is working in France.

Leonard has some hearing loss and finds it difficult to hear speech when there's background noise.

We haven't spoken in three years.

"Are you friends with Tai?" "Yes, she's my roommate."


Can you tell us where Norma is?

I didn't swim.

I don't want to stay here.

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I won't let anyone harm you.

You love my daughter; but are you sure that she loves you?

The development of the country is falling behind that of Japan.

The men's room is on the second floor.

You can take up to ten books at the library.

It could work.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is also known as Japan's Lady Gaga.


Luis didn't tell me how beautiful you were.