Why are you so pessimistic?

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It would mean a great deal to me.


Tell him everything I told you.

Rob doesn't often stay out late at night.

It was very cold, so the lake froze over.

Do you think maybe Ben didn't know about what Lindsey was planning to do?

They looked everywhere.

Pedro comes here almost every Saturday.

Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; let us solace ourselves with loves.


Lester only did what you told him to do.

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Nobody should settle for less when they deserve more.

If only the rain would stop!

What's that in your mouth?

How much longer do we have?

Stan is visiting Dwayne in Boston.

How long does the spring break last?

I can't believe Mario really doesn't want to go to Boston with us next week.

I like the mountains more than I like the sea.

That's super easy.

That was cool.

Is this your first conference in Paris?

Is it true that Prakash doesn't know any French?

In Cristopher's garden is a charming wood cabin.

It can't happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice.

Let me know if you need help.


She has a blog.


I had a cousin who lived in Boston.

I've been feeling depressed recently.

They closed that school.

We were just talking about Vance.

I thought that he would come.

Can I just say one thing?

We have invited our new neighbours for a drink.

Earle enjoys watching basketball games on TV.

Pam was driven out of the synagogue.


The animal shown printed on the five-real banknote is a heron.


Shall we dance a bit?

People were weeping at the news of his death.

Billy, get lost! I don't want to see you here again.

How did Suzan get in here?

What's it we're waiting for here?


Why is everybody here?

I'm waiting for a phone call.

For choice, I'll take this one.

Bill is en route to New York.

The police arrested the burglar.

Have you ever worn long underwear?

Have you called him?


Portugal won the Euro.

She has to change clothes before tonight's party.

Pythagorean thought was dominated by mathematics, but it was also profoundly mystical.


Oskar should be told about what happened.


Space left nothing to chance.


I speak Lithuanian.

Don't make generalizations.

Moran hasn't got much money with him.

Skip has never yelled at Lucius.

That could be true, but I don't really think so.

The snow prevented the train from running.

Ji didn't want to go out to play.

No one knows what will happen in the 1990's.

Can I take a selfie with you?

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Jesus turned water into wine.

600 problems will be tough going.

I do hope you will come again.

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The robber attacked her on a back street.


That big busted blonde is as dumb as a rock.


His colleague was transferred to an overseas branch.


Does Dalton make you happy?

Ramsey needs help.

I can't hear her.

The second quarter GNP growth was higher than predicted.

I'll ask them to help me.

Has he pressed the blue button?

I need to hear it.

They can speak both Berber and Arabic.

I think you're a lot stronger than you think you are.


The fight didn't last long.


You had better prepare yourself for the next game.

Do you really want to make your boyfriend jealous?

I gave you a chance, but you didn't take it.


I told her a few jokes.

Hughes jumped out of the blazing plane.

Bucky knew he was being followed.

Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.

Ken is concerned about Sorrel.

Have both of you already eaten lunch?

I don't want any coffee.

I'm printing 100 pages.

Kimberly said he was thirsty.

I know who asked you here.

He patted me on the shoulder.


Cynthia has stopped talking to Victoria.

We're in a hurry, so let's take a taxi.

Why wouldn't you listen to his advice?

Bread and butter are my usual breakfast.

What is the distance between New York and London?

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I have pyorrhea.

I attempted to get up, but my body was heavy as lead.

Soohong and I never did get along very well.

The island lies a mile off the coast.

Do you have a smartphone?

You should suppress your pride.

Patrick took the precious stone to an appraiser to have it examined.

I don't intend to be selfish.

Steven doesn't know how much Dwight weighs.


Do you trust me, Liza?


He does well considering that he has no experience.

He abstained from alcohol.

It's lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I left everything in my room.

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Jackye invited Brandi to the party, didn't he?


He did what he promised to do for me.

It's quite warm here, isn't it?

Cling film is made from polyethylene.

Didn't you get the money I sent you?

From one year to another year.

This novel is very imaginative.

The tattered covers of Mah's copy of The Flowers of Evil showed that the book had been read and reread several times.


We are all looking forward to your coming.

Often she was very sad and lonely, and it happened that one day while she was seated at the window, letting salt tears drop on her work, an old woman, a kind, homely-looking old body, stepped up to the window, and, leaning upon her crutch, addressed the Queen in friendly, flattering tones.

May I take a shower?

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Everything will work out on schedule.

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He gave me a passport and told me to leave the country.

Kevin sorrowfully buried her father.

Billy was here yesterday morning, wasn't he?

I was entranced.

I spoke to her last night.

I don't know everything, I never knew everything, and I'll never know everything.

I'll let you know what I find.


My leg is still hurting.

Thank you for not saying anything.

I don't see how you can ignore this.

Don't be late for school.

How fast Taro can run!

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For all his efforts, he was not paid well.

I can't say that to my dad.

She laid down the gun on the floor.

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They were trying to kill him.

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Who are you protecting?

Let's not get caught doing this.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?


The guards didn't see me.

I finished the job yesterday.

I asked them to help out today.

What instruments does Rick play?

There are so many places I want to visit.

I'd better get out of here.

It tastes like tea.

All of you speak French, right?

Gigi cleaned the top of the table with a wet rag.


How was the honeymoon?

I destroyed everything.

I began to be afraid you would never come back again.

I'd like to believe that's true.

The subtlety of this modern empire building puts the Roman centurions, the Spanish conquistadors, and the (...) European colonial powers to shame. Today we do not carry swords. We do not wear armor or clothes that set us apart. (...) It is how the system works. We seldom resort to anything illegal because the system itself is built on subterfuge, and the system is by definition legitimate.


Izumi grew up in a conservative family.

I'm not coming back for a while.

I went to the beach with him.


I'll meet you out front.