What happens tomorrow?

I should've recognized her.

Leo started to roar when he was two years old.

Don't be so stingy.


Where did you find it?


I'm telling you what I saw.

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I saw how much Larry was enjoying himself.

Who was that sitting in front of you at the movies?

The free market system is endangered.


Anyone would have done the same thing.

We used to play together.

What are the zeros of this parabola?


We made some squirrel-shaped cookies.

He was getting old.

Years ago this principle was widely recognized.

Norma and I will wait for you.

Ramsey has only been gone fifteen minutes.

Taurus slipped some money into Cathryn's hand.

I didn't know you were rich.

I affirmed that he was innocent.

The general commanded him to report to headquarters.


That's sad.

I believe there is a day of reckoning coming on this.

Jeff's mean.

Jussi must be waiting for Sjouke.

We've made way too many errors.

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I have an early memory of my grandmother darning socks.


Shirley thought Reiner seemed to be gaining weight.


Who asked me to come?


My plans failed one after the other.

Do you know Mr Bingley?

He continued to walk for two hours.


They die well that live well.


Go with the truth.


I should not have done that. It was wrong.


Shall I fetch your glasses from the living room, Dad?

Ravi came out of his office.

You didn't expect to find me here, did you?

Kimmo took out after Stagger.

Did you really just say that?

If the weather had been nice yesterday, we would have gone to the zoo.

I needed to talk to you.


The two sisters are so alike.

You should trim your fingernails.

We had a thrilling time at the theme park.

I think they're happy.

The water is lukewarm.

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A woman is capable of failing to notice the hundred things that you've done her, and to address only the one that you haven't.


In winter, I like to stay at home, near the fire, and listen to the wind blow.


Dan will never die.

It will be the end of the world.

I cannot stop it.

I asked her a difficult question.

The first thing you have to do is take a bath.

I can't make out what she said.

I don't even have time for reading.

He is a good person.

Shane wants us to follow him.

I think Kent was speaking French.

Where's my cup?

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Jenine didn't seem to recognize Kevin.

So why can't you take care of it?

I had my watch stolen last night.


Do you understand us?

They won us over with their small-town hospitality.

You need to sleep.

Tell Lord to bring Floyd along.

Why are you asking so many questions?

Excuse me, I'd like two regular size cones - one with chocolate mint, and the other with orange sherbet, please.

I knew what they'd do to me if I didn't do what they asked.


A furious elephant kicks out the fencing of his enclosure and sends the keeper flying.


I plan to pursue a career in international finance.

It was a mistake to stay.

I asked Joubert if I could look through his photo album.

I only know a few words.

He was cured of his heavy drinking.

If you call him a clever man, he may be happy.

To lose weight, you must cut back on sweets.

The day of judgment has arrived.

My father cannot go without coffee even for a day.


I can't fall asleep.

I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to him.

If he's fluent in English, I'll hire him.

We won't let you pass away.

You eat like you're still in college.

These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.

I could really make things hard for you, you know.

The prospects aren't very bright.

Jochen is extremely patient.

This is the taste of victory.

I need news of my family.

Darrell said he'd love to help.

What happens today?

There will be no school a week from today.



You'd better leave.

Jingbai is a bit naive.

Val seems disappointed.


If one does not have a hobby, his life may be desolate.

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Bend your knees.

Pria's son, John, died of an overdose at age seventeen.

Why don't you have any money?

I did my best to protect him.

Did Starbuck ever threaten you?

I haven't formed an opinion on the subject yet.

They turned to face each other, and then kissed each other on the lips.

I suggest that, out of politeness, we drink as little as possible.

Nhan gave Vincenzo all of his money.

They blamed Kate for causing the accident.

I swear I never hurt them.


According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees.

The cochlea implant is a technically ingenious device.

Everything was good.


How long do you think the meeting will last?


The world is harsh.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.

Why do you blame me for what happened?

I must go to the theatre now.

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They sat around the table to play cards.

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Did you watch the match of yesterday?

What's your favorite piece of furniture?

What do you want the list for?

I'm in no hurry.

I'm such an idiot.

Can you recommend another hotel?

I was careful.

Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.

Where did you put my coat?


I thought you said nobody was going to be here.

Thirteen Americans were killed.

Bob complained to his friend.

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We drove up to Boston.

China has to move from an assembly-copying-manufacturing economy to a knowledge-services-innovation economy.

You did this on purpose, didn't you?

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You need to be here for your family.

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I let the cat in.

Kari thought that was funny.

Give my thanks to your son.

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Vic stared at the ceiling.


Human's nature scares me.


I could not say "I'm sorry."

Perhaps she doesn't remember my birthday.

Let's study a specific example.

If you want to sound like a native speaker, you must be willing to practice saying the same sentence over and over in the same way that banjo players practice the same phrase over and over until they can play it correctly and at the desired tempo.

I feel so lonely.


Are you afraid of blood?

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I've just finished the book I was reading.

The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.

Thuan really likes it.

Professor Brown explains things very well.

Ah! If I were rich, I'd buy myself a house in Spain.


They exchanged passionate e-mails.


They called the dog Shiro.


You have done it.


I could have done better than he.