Explore Spaceship Earth, Our Galaxy, And Beyond

Big Earth. Beautiful, chaotic, ever changing and our only home. At least for now.

Travel to the infinitely beautiful and mysteriously spiritual heavens above. Dock into the International Space Station to explore our beautiful planet from above. Learn about our world, our galaxy and the Universe from this magical vantage point.

  • Dock into the International Space Station
  • Learn about our ongoing endeavors to break the surly bonds of Earth
  • View live HD video streams from the ISS
  • Track your global position from within the cupola in an easy to follow format

Boldly Go Beyond Data.

View a variety of fascinating data layer visualizations superimposed over an interactive globe of planet Earth, all while perched above our precious planet, floating freely within the ISS.

  • Deforestation
  • Polity
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Arab Spring: A Timeline
  • E-Waste

Eartheos Stories: Merge data layers to find correlations and view our timeline features to watch a multitude of data sets unfold.

Add Your Own Data Layers!

Create your own data layers by directly uploading your data into Eartheos and onto our interactive data visualization globe. Once uploaded and approved, your data layers can be viewed, shared and explored by all life forms throughout the universe (assuming an Internet connection exists throughout our solar system and beyond).

Return To Planet Earth

Undock from the ISS and return to Earth. Once grounded and surrounded (by oxygen), access our gyroscope to find the ISS in space, your new “home away from home.”.

Never Miss Another Celestial Event!

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