It's like a dream.

Murph asked me where I got this.


I paid attention.

I want some salt for my meat.

Roderick spends a lot of time on the phone.


Brokers struggling to make a profit don't always play by the book.

Get into the car and wait for me.

He tried to study all night, but in vain.

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There are holes in the floor.

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You can't take that with you.

Jason said not to talk to you.

They gave Geoff the same information as they gave me.

Would you rather have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea?

I own this place.

What have you accomplished?

Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.

I'd be happy to talk about this later.

He waved to the crowd immediately before he delivered his speech.

Excuse me, though I'm a stranger, please let me get a word in.

We'll call if we have any further questions.

Kate has a cold.

"How did you know it was I?" she asked, laughing. "My love for you told me who you were."


They often criticize us.

There's something special about this place.

I went there to talk to him.

Am I wasting my time?

I just want to be ready.


Is there anything else troubling you?

Roses are a type of flower and doves are a type of bird.

Thomas does not eat fish.

Jinny has no money.

It started again!

Let's check.

Jeff seems to know where she is.

I hope you are well.

I don't like the red jacket.

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Some animals, such as lions, eat meat.


Please don't take it out, if possible?

Where is my car?

Do you like the apple pie?


How many mangoes do you want?

"Fire!", he cried.

Have you voted yet?

I've been humming that tune to myself all morning.

It's sick.

I guess it shouldn't really matter.

Amarth will be going to Stanley's birthday party.

I was kicked out of high school.

My little sister wants to kill me.


Give my regards to your mother!

I'm glad I didn't disappoint you.

There are only three of them.


How long will Tandy be in Boston?


Sehyo told me he wanted to teach French.

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Do you want me to learn English for the competition on Wednesday?

Trey is biting his nails.

Are you Japanese?

Are you proud of yourself?

What does this paragraph mean?

It's about three kilometers from here to the coast.

She was accused of bribery.

I am about your age.

If you will come this way...

She loves books too.

Nicolo will go there tomorrow.

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Let me give you a lift as far as the station.

They took advantage of the stock price increase to raise the idea of building a new factory.

Who cares about bad manners?

Marilyn just did Jimmy a big favor.

I need to trace the outline.

I mean those of the 10th of June.

Give Roxane a big hug for me.

Let's remove harmful books from circulation. Starting first with the bibles that have spread all over the world.

Anthony started to get a little bored.


Sergeant was covered in bruises.


Donald said you were really good at tennis.


Horst might be interested.


Fill the pot with water.

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Don't you like working with me?

It looks like you took care of the problem.

Permalinks are basically links to items like posts, comments, etc.

This year's freshly inducted employees are, to a man, lacking in concentration, and their sloppy work leaves me speechless.

My aunt died of lung cancer.

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I need another one.

I am only warming up now.

Modern civilization is founded on science and education.

As John sat down, he bumped the table and his coffee spilled onto the tablecloth.

Shakil called in sick.

Margot has got to be stopped.

I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

We hoped some students would come, but there were none in the classroom.

Blacks need not apply.

Shyam told you to say that, didn't he?

She had a good time talking with him about his trip.

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Holy Moses!

It reminded me of you.

I'm being treated at the hospital.

I ride the subway every day.

Butter is made from cream.


So the reason that Tanaka stayed home today was because his grandmother died? Didn't he say that last month, and the month before that, too? Skipping is one thing, but I'd like him to at least come up with a better excuse than that.

Aimee put a kettle on the stove.

I warned you not to trust her.

Laurence still can't afford it.

How do you sleep at night after all you've done?

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There exists an enormous difference between the two theories.

Even you yourself said so.

Emily cooked a special meal as a surprise for her birthday.

When speaking in Japan, it may seem like you're not listening if you do not respond while somebody speaks to you.

He watched the horse race using his binoculars.

Can I find that?

I heard a strange sound.

Be quiet. The kids are asleep.

This handle will not turn.

Michael's stupid.

It looks like your hard disk is fragmented.

She spotted him from above as he went through the crowd.

That means a lot to me.


Once we thought that Man couldn't fly.

I listened to him reluctantly.

I forgot to turn off the television before bed.

Ofer is getting bored.

Sanjay was the lead suspect.

Martyn said he didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle.

The green alien is humanoid and stands at 3.7 metres.

Patience is a rare virtue these days.

I'm glad I wasn't there.

The effective application of antiseptics is an important matter in the prevention of hospital infections.

She will write another book one of these days.


The meeting ended on an optimistic note.

Are there any questions?

Is the message clear?


You can stay in a room.

I can't lift the sack either.

He's still alive.

It is very impolite of us to decline her invitation.

Nate was found dead.

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Look at the past and learn by it, look at the present and live by it, look at the future and dream by it.

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Youths who are caught violating the new rules on behaviour will lose their right to free travel, and will have to complete unpaid community work to earn it back.

This fairy tale is easy enough for a seven-year-old child to read.

Today we need to sleep outside.

That's an annoying habit.

How's my wife doing?

I told her the truth. I just added a few embellishments.

Thank Pedro. It was his idea.

Lorraine never minded me wearing his clothes.

If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and comfortable.

Kristen might've followed Amigo.

This is the worst earthquake on record.


Randy sounded like he meant it.

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Does Bernard still live in Boston?


We could try.

"I can't wear that." "Why not? It looks great on you."

He went to the store to buy some oranges.


This film is a drama.


I wonder why I didn't write my name.

How the hell did you get a picture of my living room?

I figured a change of scenery might do us good.

Our situation has become critical.

Nothing can save them now.

How did we reach this point?

The news broke her heart.

Jim shouldn't spend so much.

Shouldn't you tell Miriam what Himawan did?

Remember that boys who insist on having their own way, sooner or later come to grief.

Let's save the world!


"Do you hate me?" "No." "So do you love me?" "Why are you asking?"