I know Gregory says he doesn't like me.

I wish I was there now myself.

An argument erupted between her and her father.

When he was fighting with you, his heart broke half-and-half.

There's enough food to go round.

You're OK.

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I hope you're hungry.


His car was three metres long.

Mr. Johnson is older than I thought he was.

She said she was of two minds as to whether to go or not.

I did everything I could. Now it's your turn to contribute what you can.

Ami just saved my life.

We demand action.

Will you please call me a taxi?

Malloy wore a witch costume.

"Despite appearances, you're a pervert." "I'm not a pervert. I'm a pure and innocent young girl." "Yeah, yeah, give me a break."

I don't like roosters.

Stephe has had such a hard life.

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

We're going to get you to a safe place.

That's clearly not true.

The police have found no trace of the suspect yet.


I know what she said.

Esperanto is an international planned language.

I've got other commitments.

Do you know how to use this?

Marine plants grow on the sea bed.


I gladly accepted his proposal.


The herds are turned out into the pasture to graze.

This area has changed completely.

The fog soon blurred out the figure of a man walking in front of him.

I shouldn't have tricked you.

All the talk about world war is just a scarecrow.

Since my mind governs my thought or rather is my thought, I have no guarantee that I am more correct by realising something that has not only been made by the same mind as its user but also, the chance of my realising this belief is dictated by my mind, which is prone to opinion and hiding of facts.

Happiness is sometimes identified with money.

My opinion was irrelevant.

They're trying.


I proposed that she come with me.


Are you still friends with them?

What makes this so different?

I'd like to speak to Judy.


I would like to have a rest here.

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Please come in.

Susie could not settle her fears.

Can I kiss you?

She stands in great danger.

So, did you buy it for them?

Would domestic peace be plunged into jeopardy?

I'll be right back. Wow, I'm reading, knowing something about Loglan.


We have to do something about this.

Hohn is in recovery.

Ten years have passed already since my mother died.


No one will speak for you.

Damone doesn't know whether Emily will ever forgive him.

I've paid parking fines a number of times myself.

The study by Meyer and his colleagues was unusual.

I will postpone my trip to Scotland until it is warmer.

Susan is two years older than I am.

We must know. We will know.

Chip tried on his father's clothes.

Dana wants to change that.

Fire is very hot.

We were always competitive.

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He must buy a new bicycle for his son.

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Stewart and Mahmoud went to the beach by bicycle.


Has the rose blossomed?


Boyd's is just as new as Ofer's.

I asked him where he lived.

I asked him to play the guitar.

Ross made a phone call.

I want to be someone you can turn to.

Ramsey and I are buddies.

While there's life, there's hope.

There was nothing for me to do.

I don't wanna hear a word from you.


There were only two means left to him in order to get a bite to eat. He had either to work or to beg.

The passive man seldom, if ever, expresses himself.

The appeal was rejected.

I find it necessary to be able to say what I feel.

The soup is too hot.


Tony is a very good tennis player.

Cut the engine.

Can we walk home a different way?

He patted me on the shoulder with a smile.

He finished his work without sleep or rest.


Revenge is a confession of pain.


Go away, I want to be alone!

China is facing a problem with exploding watermelons.

Colds are contagious.

He concealed the fact that he had divorced his wife.

This is a very new book.


What a perfect night!

He is playing.

How often does Rolfe come here?


I guess they really weren't all that hungry.


I'd like to write a book.


We have things in common, Peggy and I.

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Let's all give him a hand.

He'll never figure out what it is.

Would you do it for us?


The teacher is counted as the best dresser in our school.

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"If you don't hurry, the bank will close." "Ah, I have decided to go to the bank tomorrow."

I hope you can make it to our party.

I see no need to tell her.

I sent her out of the room.

Greg! What the fuck are you doing?

Tuna yanked the rifle out of Barbara's hands.

I'd love to see that happen.

I'm terribly sorry if that causes you a problem.

Rand collapsed because of the heat.


You may be able to pass unnoticed in a city, but in a village that's not possible.

Repeating a lie does not make it true; it makes it a habit which is worse.

We have used up the coal.

Elias is a mighty important figure in our town.

Isabelle asked again.

I'm relying on you to help us.

What would be best for Bert?


Most companies have their own labor unions.

Come tomorrow.

I've been waiting for this moment.

She got off the bus and ran towards him.

I took a taxi since it was raining.

I have an appointment.

He was seriously injured in the accident.


I have a co-worker who's so peevish and unpleasant that we call her Little Miss Sunshine behind her back.


Had it not been for your raincoat, I would have been drenched to the skin.

Ahmed believed that Morton worked at hospital.

I'm about as qualified as Tanaka.

On the seventh floor, you can find four luxury restaurants.

He had a narrow escape this afternoon.

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Is there someone who speaks English?

Can I give you two a lift home?

Loyd can't give you an answer now.


I had to tell the truth.

I wanted to be ready.

All in favor of this proposition will please say Aye.

Arne kept himself busy.

Barbary lions are extinct.

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Aren't you a little young for this position?

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I have something to tell you. I am your brother.

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Are you sure you're well enough to be out of bed?

This is mahjong.

What's the number?

That's only part of it.

Then what?

I couldn't decide what to do, so I just followed my heart.

The cake was all eaten up before I got home.

Do I have to fix up to go to their house?

You surprise me all the time!

I was looking for Vincenzo, but he found me first.

Woody remembered.

There's a bat on the ceiling in my office!

I love all of my classes.

That's your favorite, right?

I will carry out my aim at any expense.

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Ranjit is drowning.

With the extra rehearsals, work is really tight.

Anatoly pulled Cindy out of the car.


I cannot help falling in love with you.

Can you elaborate a bit?

A cargo vessel, bound for Athens, sank in the Mediterranean without a trace.


We seem to have arrived a few minutes early.