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Learn Garmin Basecamp

Learn to use Garmin Basecamp to plan your next adventure.
This course offers instruction on the features available in Garmin basecamp to help you create waypoints,tracks,routes and manage the data

Garmin Basecamp

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Garmin Basecamp Features

Learn to create Waypoints, Routes, Tracks, Install map data and much much more...


Learn to use tools to manage your cache data to make your day to day caches simpler.

App Features

Learn what Map Apps stand out from the rest and how to use them.


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  • Basecamp Tutorials
  • Sign Up
  • Learn to create Waypoints,Track & Routes
  • Install and Update Maps
  • Transfer Map Data
  • Tips and Tricks
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  • Online Course
  • $75
  • Learn Garmin Basecamp. Plan your next trip with ease!
  • Hrs of Content
  • Notes
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Plan trips of all kinds.
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  • Geocaching
  • Sign Up
  • Geocaching tools to manage your caches
  • GSAK macros
  • View your caches on your own map
  • Geocaching apps
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