How it works.

As children grow up, they outgrow perfectly good kid's products like strollers, cribs etc.


You fill out a quick form for the products you want to rent out.
We approve the item and we pick it up or pay to have it shipped to us.


We sanitize all the products, take pictures and rent to other parents. We handle all the payments and shipping.

Get Paid.

We share the payments with you (50-50), and continue to rent out your products until you want them back.


We are a service connecting parents whose kids have outgrown products with other’s who would love to rent those items. 

We handle all the logistics.

If you have items to rent, you fill out a quick form. Once we review the item, we arrange with you the best way to get the item to us. 

We sanitize everything we receive, make sure its safe and take pictures. We then rent it out for you. 

Everytime we rent out an item, we share the proceeds with you 50-50. 

We keep you informed throughout the whole process.  

It is hard to predict how much you will make, but we expect you to recover the total cost of your item if we can rent it out for 180-360 days (6 months to 1 year).

After 6 months of us trying, if you want it back, we will ship the item back to you for free. (Before 6 months, you may have to pay a small shipping cost.)

At this time, we are accepting larger items such as strollers, cribs, play pens etc. 

You can always email us at

No problem! All items still belong to you.

If the items are not rented out and we have had them for 6 months or longer, we’ll ship them back to you immediately. 

If they are rented and it’s been 6 months, we will ship them back as soon as we get them back. 

If you need your items back before 6 months, you would have to pay the shipping costs.

Normal wear and tear is expected, however we collect a security deposit to help cover any damages that occur.

Renting from us will be starting in January 2019. Submit your email and we will inform you when we start renting! 

Ready to starting renting?

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Desmond Purpleson


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