It was too difficult for Jane to go to school alone.

I was just looking out for Evelyn.

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I'm more famous.

Even a good computer cannot beat you at chess.

The plan is well worth trying.

May I leave my luggage here where it is and go out?

She frowned him into silence.

The boys look sad.

There is a movement against Japanese goods in that country.

I get scared when it thunders.

They haven't told me yet whether I passed the test or not.


That's the reason why I couldn't attend the meeting.

Franklin said he'd be home for dinner.

Those just came home today.

Don't mind us.

Can you break an egg with one hand?

I nearly starved.

If you don't want to sing, you don't have to.

What's today's plan?

You can't count on their help.

I'm a fan of liberalism.

That's Donald's watch.

We kept on working for hours without eating anything.

Every marquis wants to have pageboys.

My mother speaks slowly.

John and Darci have broken up.

No one will tell you.

Jeanette was in an accident.

Thousands of people are killed on the roads.

Nicholas didn't get paid for all the work he did.

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She tends to be over-dramatic.


Do you want me to get you something else?

I just want all this to be over, you know.

I am afraid they can't get along very well.

I don't want him to take over.

He took adequate clothes for a weekend trip.

You're a great help.

I've always liked this restaurant.

They are wasting time.

Larry is easily controlled.

Where there is light, there must be shadow.

This is going to be awesome.

Unconsciously my mom took hold of the chair.

They crossed the vast continent on foot.

Cliff did what he thought was right.

Nobody is laughing now.


Come along with me and go fishing.

Even a child can understand it.

Is this sold by the kilo, by the package or individually?

Turn your bag inside out.

Miltos told Eileen that she did the right thing.

The problem was very difficult.

Your new hat is very becoming on you.

Every minute with you is a gift.

The customer contended that she had been cheated.


Keith said Dominick was a good driver.


The bad-tempered man snapped at his daughter.


Is there a picture of Novorolsky in that album?

I can help Alberto find what he needs.

It's all gotten out of control.

I think I know where to find Sandip.

Malus had a date with Sofia last night.

All my friends turned their back on me.

He spoke under his breath.

True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.

The girl opened up her birthday present and smiled.


We know so little about them.

Laurence hasn't revised her lessons yet.

I left the door open.

Tell Alexis I want to see him.

I encouraged Jay to stay in college.

The prisoner was set at liberty.

He laid claim to the land.

I think you shouldn't invite Presley to your party.

How much time will we have?


It didn't hurt.

Tell me where you plan to go for your summer vacation.

I love potato cakes, too.

He was killed in the first hours of battle.

She loves to dip donuts into tea.


She earns more than she spends.

Did you say you had a cat?

With your approval, I would like to offer him the job.

I'd never do that to him.

Things are expensive here.

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I was feeling OK then.

I thought about telling Tammy about what happened.

The terrorists released the hostages.

How can you stop us?

They took an airplane from Berlin to Istanbul.


Guillermo isn't Kerri's father.

She pushed him off the pier.

Malus had nothing left to eat.

Trade is getting depressed.

Our next-door neighbor asked us to look after his plants while he was away on vacation.

He's used to traveling.

I've got a gun.

Kendo involves dueling between two people who are each equipped with a sword-like stave made of bamboo.

I have a strong objection to being treated like this.

Pungent fumes arose from the chemical mixture.

I like disco music.

The warrior fights to protect himself.

Anyone home?


Look at this old coin you have here.

What a beautiful city San Francisco is!

The old woman was collecting firewood in the forest.

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The line is busy now. Please hold the line.

God only knows if I can live out the 20th century.

"Hello world" is the universal computer program.

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Sorry, the position has already been filled.


Marilyn is ambidextrous and can use his right hand equally as well as his left.

How many calories are in 100 grams of butter?

I am taking tomorrow afternoon off.

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He is leading a life of ease.

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The teacher was surrounded by her students.


Andrea can't see anything without his glasses.

John didn't know how to play the guitar.

Nobody told me where the meeting was going to be.

In 2015, NASA plans to launch the Magnetospheric Multiscale, or MMS, mission.

When do you go to work?

You aren't yourself.

You must not sit up late.


The little boat, tossed about by the angry waters, appeared and disappeared in the waves.

The trains in Serbia are terribly slow.

I asked him why he was sad.

I took the 10:30 train, which was ten minutes late.

Ken was looking for you.


Mitchell can't figure out how Tal was able to plan a surprise party without him knowing about it.

Some of the oil in the pot boiled over and got the stove dirty.

I think they'll make a cute couple.

Mother told him to look after his younger brother.

The boy threw stones at the dog.

A skilled mechanic earns decent wages.

Are you happy at your own home?


He seems to be a nice guy.

I was thinking about joining the army.

I first met him three years ago.

The rain penetrated my raincoat.

Jun won't be at our party.

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You should come home before six.

Get with the others.

You scored the highest in the class.


Even today the temperature is below zero.

Alcohol is sometimes called liquid courage.

My friend wants milk.

Sharpen your pencil.

Sharan needs a bath.

That's why I didn't tell you.

Why have you brought the child here?


Sucks to be you.

I wonder why I'm so sleepy.

Frederick is experienced.


Where's Ethan been?

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I can tell you what I'm not doing.


Have you ever climbed Mt. Fuji?

I am hoping against hope.

I could not do this with an easy conscience.

He is forgetful sometimes so never forget to remind him about the schedules.

Liza is enjoying this, I think.


The ship came from overseas.

She prefers a window seat.

Tell Tim to leave.


He knows how to check his e-mail box.

We'll work something out.

Has something good happened?

This is just a hypothesis.

While I run, I stumble.

Whose turn is it next?

Todd couldn't believe Danny just hung up on him.