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Who We are
BFI Consulting is the wealth planning and advisory arm of BFI Capital Group, a family-owned Swiss holding company that has, via its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, successfully offered a unique array of premium wealth management services to private and institutional clients since 1991.

Our success is firmly anchored in our independence, our integrity and our consistent delivery of dependable service.

Who You are
Our clients are generally high net-worth investors, high-income professionals, successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families who tend to share our views in regard to today's need for risk management and wealth preservation.

They cherish a trusted partner who is there to advise them and conveniently co-ordinate matters for them overseas - promptly, confidentially, efficiently, precisely.

What We do
BFI Consulting specializes in providing high net-worth investors and wealthy families with an integrated array of services focused on international diversification and wealth preservation.

We focus on investment strategies and structures that incorporate the highest possible level of asset protection, simplified inheritance, solid privacy and global investment flexibility, all while staying in compliance with the rules and laws of our clients' home countries.

Most investors are keenly aware of the benefits obtained through multi-jurisdictional strategies and diversification. However, based on lack of information, insufficient experience or the absence of trusted partners abroad, most of them never fully benefit from such opportunities. That is where BFI can make a big difference.

Our overall array of services provides our clients with a one-stop, family office type relationship.

BFI Consulting – the missing link in your global wealth management strategy...
BFI Consulting
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